Project 365 – Week 39 (days 264 – 270)

Day 264 / September 21st
J has started doing ‘This little piggy’ to everybody, and tonight he was doing it to me before bed time.

Day 265 / September 22nd
We’re all full of cold and J just wanted snuggles today, but he still manages to smile for a selfie when he’s feeling under the weather!

Day 266 / September 23rd
I tucked into this date & apple slice from a local farm shop with a glass of wine this evening – yummy.

Day 267 / September 24th
There was a chill in the air this morning so it was time for a hat & gloves for the nursery run. I just love N’s smile!

Day 268 / September 25th
J took a liking to Mummy’s slippers today. He has a habit of wearing adult shoes…

Day 269 / September 26th
We’ve been tucking into this delicious ice cream recently as part of the Tesco Orchard programme. #GotItFree

Day 270 / September 27th
N tucking into naan bread pizza for his dinner – he’s really loving his food!
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