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The suit

On Saturday we attended our first wedding as a family, also my first as a bridesmaid! I had been looking forward to it for a long time, and had been set with the task to make the table plan and cupcakes, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We had purchased a suit for the little man and couldn’t wait to put him in it! It took me a long time to find a lovely one at a decent price, as he’s only going to wear it a couple of times as he’s growing so quick. eBay came good in the end. 

The dress

I was also worried about my dress fitting. I had first been measured for it when I was about 13 weeks pregnant, at which point I’d only gained around 4lbs; obviously I’d gained weight and changed body shape by the time I would need to be wearing it. I then went for my first fitting only a month or so after he was born, and had lost about a stone (14lbs), so was getting there to what I was when I was measured. I was worried about this too! Well, I needn’t have worried as the dress just fastened, it was snug, but it fastened straight away! Phew! It needed taking up a little and adjusting round the bust as it was a little loose. I then went for my final fitting just over a week before the wedding, and I was worried again because I’d gained about 3lbs since the last one, oops. Got into the dress, fastened it up to just past my waist, then… it got stuck. Panic mode. It wouldn’t fasten around my bust! The dress lady said don’t panic, she would take it out again, and I said I’d lose the pounds I’d gained, which I did. So now I just had to wait until the wedding day to see if it fit again. Cue more worrying from me! It did. Only just. I couldn’t breathe, but it fastened, that’s the main thing. 

The suits

Once we got to the hotel, hubby had little man while I was with the others getting ready, and during the ceremony, all in all about 4 hours. He managed quite well actually, considering he hasn’t looked after him on his own for such a long period before! Little man looked so cute in his suit and he matched Daddy! I was told he (little man, not hubby) was fantastic before & through the ceremony, he slept through it and didn’t make a peep! He woke soon afterwards while photos were being taken, about ready for a feed, so hubby fed him, then it was time for the meal. He stayed awake all the way through, he was sat at the table in his pram and everybody was cooing over him and how good he was. He only started getting grumpy and whiny around 6pm when he was tired, but hubby was taking him to meet my Mum anyway, who was having him overnight so hubby & I could let our hair down. Well, so I could anyway, hubby doesn’t have a lot any more. 

All in all it was a great weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed our first wedding as a little family. *insert smiley face here* 

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  1. You all look lovely and little man looks adorable in his little suit 🙂

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