Pregnancy blues

All the way through my pregnancy, there’s only been one period, around 14 weeks pregnant, where I’ve had the fed up feeling. It really frustrated me at the time, because I knew how lucky I was, and I didn’t want it to happen again. Well it seems it has. Sigh.

Over the last week, all I’ve done is cry every single day, usually at stupid, random things. Today I can’t stop crying. The main reason though – and I feel awful and incredibly frustrated at myself for even feeling like I do, for the reasons that I do, as it took us so long to get here and we fought so hard, but I’m going to be honest – is that I’m just fed up now, and just want him here. Not necessarily fed up of being pregnant, as I love it, I love feeling and watching him squirm about, just more fed up of waiting for him to arrive. Though, the aches and pains don’t help, but that’s just preparing for labour. I also started getting period type cramps last Saturday, and I know this can be a sign of early labour, which is also part of the feeling fed up, as I know it could be soon but nothing is happening, and it’s the waiting game. The backache has been pretty much constant since then too, though today it has gotten worse. 

Add to the above being full of cold, sneezy, having a headache all day because of it, and achy eyes – though someone said some women experience cold/flu type symptoms before going into labour, so hope that is the case here too! 

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy blues

  1. I think the way you are feeling is totally normal!
    The difference in your case is with all the anxiety and waiting to even conceive you may be beating yourself up about being fed up for waiting a matter of days…and anyway 9 months IS a long time to wait for your little tummy invader to make an appearance!
    Don't be hard on yourself Stacey, all these crazy feelings are normal to pregnant mums, and your allowed to have them after too!X

  2. Your feelings sound perfectly normal considering that your hormone levels are mad at the moment. It won't be long though that you will be holding your baby in your arms. Every time you feel down, just remind yourself how lucky you are to have conceived your son; some couples / women never manage to do so. Long for the future, Stacey. The best is yet to come.

    Pay meticulous care to your feelings straight after you deliver. I don't like to guestimate things and I am not a doctor but if you feel the same straight after you deliver, talk to your doctor – it may be post-natal depression.

    Best of luck!!

    Lady M

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