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Is there such a thing as a toilet regression? Why do I ask? Because, well, we seem to be having one with Jacob right now.
It’s been 4 months now since we moved and his Grandad passed away, but we have had no other big changes since then so I am trying to figure out the reason, or if it is actually just a phase – in which case I shall just repeat the mantra “This too shall pass. This too shall pass.”
It wasn’t actually long after we moved that he started to do all of his business on the toilet. For a while he still had a nappy on for bed time and would hold out for that to do a poo rather than on the toilet, but one evening just decided he wanted to wear pants and he hasn’t worn a nappy since. We did have the odd accident – and still do occasionally – but for the most part he has been using the toilet for wee’s and poo’s.
Yes, that is a photo of my toilet.

That is, until the last two or three weeks. Suddenly he just started pooing himself again and we have gone through no end of pants – I’m glad I Santa bought him some more for Christmas! He knows when he needs one as he can usually tell me. For example, yesterday morning when he actually sat on the toilet for five minutes saying he was doing a poo, then he decided he didn’t need one after all. Five minutes later, he had done a poo in his pants!
I am trying my hardest not to show it, but it is incredibly frustrating after him taking so long to get used to using the toilet anyway and then we thought we had finally cracked it (after a year!). I do tell him firmly – but not angrily – that he should be doing a poo in the toilet, and every time he goes to the toilet now he gets a sticker. We did have this reward in place at first but it kind of phased out once he was using it. 
I did think it might have been a power issue, but he has done it at nursery too where he also used to do everything on the toilet. I’m hoping that re-introducing the reward system may help, as today he actually did a poo in the toilet again. Fingers crossed.
Have you ever experienced this kind of thing, and at what age? Was it after a certain event or a change? I would love to hear your experiences and advice!

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  1. Emma Lofthouse-Burch

    This is definitely acommon phase. I am going through it too and I have seen it in other children too. Hang in there x

  2. Pretty sure this is a common phase Stacey. Although Jack has been toilet trained for number ones for well over a year now (hardly any accidents at all) we still struggle with the number twos and he's starting school this year! It's frustrating but the way I see it, he's not going to be a 30 years old and still walking about in a nappy (I hope!) so I know he'll crack it in his own time. Good luck! x

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