Monkeying around

You may recall on Tuesday I said we were going to a friends for dinner. We had a lovely evening with curry & cake, and little man was incredibly active, squirming and wriggling about, giving me those lightening pains at the same time! Well, I think he wore himself out that night.

Usually he moves a lot first thing in the morning when hubby gets up to go to work, and then in the morning and in the afternoon, then again in the evening, with a few little movements in between. I woke up yesterday morning, he kicked me a of couple times. I got up, had breakfast, watched a bit of television and had a catch up on the laptop, and nothing from him, unlike usual. Waited all morning for something from him, still nothing. Had my lunch and a drink, still nothing, unlike usual. I then went for a bath, nothing, unlike usual. Then I went for a nap as I was shattered, woke up when hubby got home, still nothing from him. We laid and prodded him for 10 minutes, this usually gets him moving. Still nothing. Had a cold drink, still nothing. Got rocking on my ball, nothing. So by now we were really worried, though I know babies usually slow down movements in the last couple of weeks, but like I say, he had been extremely wriggly the night before. 

I rang the hospital, told them about the lack of movements, and they told me to come in and they would get me hooked up and check everything was okay. It’s a flaming long walk up those stairs to the antenatal ward, I can tell you that, I was panting when we got to the top! When I go to give birth we will be taking the lift I think! So we got there, and I had to do a urine sample. There were leukocyte traces in it, she said they would give me a call after it has been sent off, if I’m going to need antibiotics or anything. My blood pressure was fine though. So I got hooked up to the machine, I think I was on it for about half an hour in total. Lo & behold, as soon as she left the room he started moving! The little monkey! Anyway, the midwife said everything seemed fine and it was a really good chart. 

He still didn’t move much when we got home, but he has been moving as normal again today! I  think he just likes playing games with us…

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