Live Below The Line – Day 3 #livebelowtheline

Day 3 of the challenge! I went to bed on an empty, hungry stomach last night, again. I woke up again, around 1.30am with heartburn and hunger. again, I managed to get back to sleep, after getting comfy from the pain. I didn’t have a headache when I woke up this morning though, but I feel so tired. 

Breakfast – 10.45am:

  • 30g porridge = 3p
  • 1/4 pint tap water = free
  • 1/3 banana = 4p
  • TOTAL = 7p
To be honest it tasted better than Monday’s! That could have been because I used less oats, so could taste the banana more, or it could simply be the fact I was so hungry this morning! 

Lunch – 2.30pm:

  • 3 slices brown bread = 6p
  • 15g cheese spread = 6p
  • TOTAL = 12p
Something similar to what I’d normally have anyway. Had 3 slices of bread to fill me up a bit more. 
Dinner – 6.30pm
  • 100g pasta = 6p
  • 1/2 tin of tomatoes =  16p
  • 50g cheese spread = 20p
  • pepper = 1p
  • TOTAL = 43p

I’m having pasta again today as we’re going to my Mum’s for dinner tonight, and they’ll be having pasta, so I won’t feel TOO left out. They’re having cheesy garlic bread though – argh! 

Snack – 10pm

  • 1 slice brown bread = 2p
  • TOTAL = 2p

TOTAL for the day = 64p

I’m getting used to living on so little now, but it’s still not easy, and I couldn’t do it forever. I am so much more appreciative of good food now. 

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