37 weeks

So, 37 weeks! Now classed as full term! Yikes!

I think since Sunday when the 37 weeks mark came, I’ve been imagining I’m going to go into labour at any minute because my back ache is getting worse, and been getting pains ‘down there’ which aren’t quite like the shooting pains I have been having from little man squishing my nerves, but more painful than shooting, though not very often so it can’t be! Just wishful thinking, I think! Although, my BH have been getting more frequent and more painful. We were in town yesterday buying a few more clothes for little man, and I had to stop every 10 steps or so because of the pains and the BH. 

I’m pretty sure he is starting to engage though, when he hiccups (which is a lot!) I can feel it lower down. The other day I could feel it in my bum which was quite funny! (I’ve googled this in case I sounded silly, but it seems other people have felt it there too!) And he has been wriggling a lot lately, hubby & I think it looks like an alien in there trying to escape! (We love the Alien movies, that’s where that came from!). Also, I think my bump has dropped a little, and no matter which position I sit/lie/stand in, I just cannot get comfortable. (A funny little anecdote – he was kicking the other day and he did it repeatedly 4 times, just like knocking on a door, it felt like he was knocking to come out!)

I think I’ll be here to give you a 38 week update though, I’m not expecting him to arrive this early! 

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