33 weeks

Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL since Wednesday, didn’t realise it was that long! So anyway, I was 33 weeks pregnant on Sunday, that’s just another 7 weeks to go…

We are practically all sorted for his arrival now, just awaiting on his wheels getting here, hopefully sometime this week! Yesterday I was continuing with packing my hospital bag, which made it seem all the more real too… We have his coming home outfit, apart from his hat which mother-in-law is just finishing off knitting, I will post a photo when it’s done, going to be a cracker!

Last night I had quite a variety of dreams. The first involved iced fingers, gooey chocolate brownies, After Eight chocolate cake squares, and chocolate covered flapjack. I liked this one very much. Can you tell I’ve been craving chocolate a lot lately? The second involved me going on a ghost tour in a derelict building. And finally, a very odd ‘lunatic’ (the only word I can think of to describe!) was going around stabbing people with a fork! The night before last I also had the being attacked by dogs reappearing and woke up screaming and in tears, also realising I desperately needed the loo so jumped out of bed and nearly walked into the wardrobe! Oh dear. 

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