Everywhere you go

So it seems, as soon as you start ttc, there seems to be pregnant women EVERYWHERE. Of course, they have always been there, it’s just that you want to be one of them, so you start noticing them more. And soon enough, it takes over your life.

Social networking sites. Yep, they are all over there too. There seems to be something in the water at the minute. It seems like every other day someone is announcing they are pregnant. I don’t mind (well, if I’m honest, which is what this blog is for, it kind of destroys me a little more inside every time I hear it, and a wave of jealousy explodes inside of me), it’s just when their scan photos are ‘flaunted’ all over. Well, again, I don’t mind people adding their photos, as they want to show off their baby, and everyone else wants to see. I can avoid that by just not looking at the photos, which I do (apart from when they appear on my top news feed, at which point I quickly move page).

It’s when they then have them as their profile photo too. I then see them all the time, and every time it hurts just that little bit more. I can’t avoid this, unless I stop using the site altogether, or remove them from my friends, or hide them from my feed. Which I don’t want to do any of, as they are my friends, and I like to keep up with them. (OK, so in truth, I’m just too nosy). It just feels like it’s being rubbed in, that they’re pregnant and happy, and I’m not. I know that’s not true, but infertility drives you to these types of thoughts.

From this experience, when (trying to think positive here, not working) we are in the situation we so want to be in, I am not going to be doing the profile pic thing, as I know all too much just how soul destroying it is every single time it flashes in your face.

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