23 weeks (and a bump pic)

Yesterday was 23 weeks! Nearly at ‘V Day’, next week…

Not much to report I’m afraid after only posting 22 week update on Thursday! I was in quite an emotional teary state over the weekend though, I think partly this is because the miserable cold weather and early dark nights are getting me down, like they do other people; I don’t usually suffer too much but obviously more emotional and hormonal this year so it’s affecting me a bit more! Also, I’ve been having those ‘I’m going to be a rubbish Mummy and do everything wrong’ thoughts! I suppose it’s been slowly building up for a while, but the tears just erupted on Friday night! Husband didn’t help much either, he told me I was being silly, which of course made me more upset because I thought I was being stupid, so cried even more! After some reassurance from a friend though, I now fully realise this is totally natural, and may even roll on into toddler-hood! (And possibly teenage and adult life?!) Husband apologised anyway and reassured me I am going to be a brilliant Mummy, which made me happier to hear it coming from him. He’s going to be a brilliant Daddy too 🙂 

Leaving you with a couple of bump pics from 23 weeks…

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  1. Its totally normal to feel like you aren't going to be a good mum, I felt it often and cried lots about it when I was pregnant and I even think I am not a good mummy at times now and I'm sure I will again over the years.  I'm sure you will be a brilliant mummy x

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