Meal Planning Monday – 22nd September

I’m enjoying being back into meal planning mode, and using up many of the items in my cupboard which I receive from my foodie penpals. Hubby even cooked one day last week – Wednesday! It mostly went to plan other than Friday & Saturday. We were out a little late on Friday and by the time we got home I couldn’t be bothered to cook so I just whipped up beans on toast for J (oops) and we had a cheeky takeaway once he had gone to bed (double oops). So on Saturday we had Friday’s meal as I’d already taken the fish out of the freezer. I’m also a little late posting this week as I’ve just been behind in general!

Meal plan w/c 22nd September:

Monday – Pie, homemade chips & beans

Tuesday – Chilli con carne

Wednesday – Chicken tikka masala (using a meal kit from one of my foodie penpals)

Thursday – Pasta (I don’t know what yet – possibly sausage & tomato)

Friday – We’re out for our monthly visit to my Mum’s

Saturday – Naan bread pizzas

Sunday – Slow cooker pulled pork with apples & onions

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Meal Planning Monday – 15th September

I am back after a couple of weeks away! Well, actually only one week but last week I just never got around to meal planning, and I actually struggled with all of our meals and we did have a takeaway one night… Which shows that meal planning really does work (mostly)!

Meal plan w/c 15th September:

Monday – Vegetable stir fry with sweet chilli sauce

Tuesday – Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread

Wednesday – Reggae reggae chicken with rice & peas

Thursday – Jacket potatoes

Friday – Smoked mackerel with new potatoes

Saturday – Gammon with homemade chunky chips

Sunday – Garlic chicken with vegetables

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Meal Planning Monday – 18th August

So, last week’s meal plan didn’t quite, well, go to plan. We went to visit a friend on Friday evening and by the time we left it was a little late to go home and cook so we had a cheeky KFC! And then we had Friday’s meal on Saturday, so Saturday’s meal was scrapped altogether.

Meal plan for w/c 18th August:

Monday – Turkey burgers with sweet potato wedges

Tuesday – Cauliflower cheese pasta

Wednesday – Vegetable stir fry (with whatever sauce is in the cupboard)

Thursday – We’re at my Mum’s tonight

Friday – Smoked mackerel with new potatoes and peas

Saturday – CYO pizzas

Sunday – Slow cooked lamb with trimmings

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Weight loss – week 1

Last week was the beginning of my new weight loss journey. I have been trying my hardest to log my calories on MyFitnessPal but some days I forget to add the last few things or close my diary, but I have been as strict as possible.

I didn’t do much exercise, I only really walked a worthy distance a couple of days last week, but that’s either pushing both boys or wearing one and pushing the other and between them they weigh 50 lbs+ (which is the amount of weight I happened to lose pre-babies – thinking of it now, wow!).

I mentioned last week that meal planning was helping me, and it really is as I can log my dinner and then how many calories I have to split between the rest of the day. Though I’m sure that J helping me eat all of my food is a great help too!

Anyway, here are my updated stats for week 1:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs 
  • target weight – 132 lbs
  • previous weight – 188.6 lbs
  • current weight – 181.2 lbs
  • weight loss this week – 7.4 lbs
  • weight loss to date – 22.4 lbs
  • weight loss to go – 49.2 lbs

I lost half a stone! In one week! I am really truly amazed, that has never happened before! I’m pretty sure it’s because I immediately cut the junk out again, and I’d had lots of salty foods at the weekend too so I would have been packing sodium giving me water retention, which I would have lost gradually through the week.

I’m not expecting a great loss next week after this, but I will see you then!

I’m thinking of starting a “Weight Loss Wednesday” linky to keep me motivated, would anyone be interested in joining in?

Meal Planning Monday – 11th August

I was good last week and managed to stick to the whole meal plan! I’m finding joining in with Meal Planning Monday really helping with regards to finding new meals – Instagram is great too! It’s still good to have the old favourites on there as well though.

Meal plan for w/c 11th August:

Monday – Brinner*

Tuesday – Spicy bacon & mozzarella tomato pasta

Wednesday – Chicken curry (with leftovers from Sunday’s meal)

Thursday – Tuna & cheese paninis with homemade potato wedges

Friday – Scampi & homemade chips

Saturday – Grilled halloumi & cous cous salad

Sunday – Shepherd’s pie

*Brinner = breakfast for dinner

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