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Last week was the beginning of my new weight loss journey. I have been trying my hardest to log my calories on MyFitnessPal but some days I forget to add the last few things or close my diary, but I have been as strict as possible.

I didn’t do much exercise, I only really walked a worthy distance a couple of days last week, but that’s either pushing both boys or wearing one and pushing the other and between them they weigh 50 lbs+ (which is the amount of weight I happened to lose pre-babies – thinking of it now, wow!).

I mentioned last week that meal planning was helping me, and it really is as I can log my dinner and then how many calories I have to split between the rest of the day. Though I’m sure that J helping me eat all of my food is a great help too!

Anyway, here are my updated stats for week 1:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs 
  • target weight – 132 lbs
  • previous weight – 188.6 lbs
  • current weight – 181.2 lbs
  • weight loss this week – 7.4 lbs
  • weight loss to date – 22.4 lbs
  • weight loss to go – 49.2 lbs

I lost half a stone! In one week! I am really truly amazed, that has never happened before! I’m pretty sure it’s because I immediately cut the junk out again, and I’d had lots of salty foods at the weekend too so I would have been packing sodium giving me water retention, which I would have lost gradually through the week.

I’m not expecting a great loss next week after this, but I will see you then!

I’m thinking of starting a “Weight Loss Wednesday” linky to keep me motivated, would anyone be interested in joining in?

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I’m Stacey, in my mid-late 30’s, from a tiny village (officially a hamlet) in Lincolnshire.

I’m a mum to two handsome boys. They’re both diagnosed autistic but that only makes them different, not less. Barney, a Frenchie x Beagle, is my furbaby. Owner of a husband too!

Blogging about lifestyle and books with a bit of everything else thrown in!

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  1. Thats amazing in a week! Well done, I'm trying to be a bit healthier at the moment, so hard when my hubby just eats what he wants and stays super skinny!

    1. Thank you! Hubby & I both need to lose weight so it's a bit easier 🙂

  2. Wow, what a great loss, well done you. It can be really difficult to eat right when there's so many nice things out there that's so bad and yet so good! Popping in from Magic Moments.

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