Live Below The Line – Day 5 #livebelowtheline

So here it is. The end is nigh. Well, the end of the day anyway, I’ve actually just had my ‘last supper’. But for billions, this last supper comes every day, and after living it for 5 days, it is completely unjustifiable. How I am feeling today – exhausted, lethargic, shaky, hungry. That’s just physically. I’ve been through many emotions too. I will write more in a separate post on a reflection of the week. I’m too tired to even write this post to be honest, but it’s my final food update, so here goes. Read more

Live Below The Line – Day 4 #livebelowtheline

Day 4 of the challenge. Nearly there now! I didn’t go to bed too hungry last night, as I had a slice of bread not long before. I was SO tired though and was in bed way before hubby; I was freezing too so went to get little man out of his bed to snuggle as he radiates heat! No waking in the middle of the night either, and I wasn’t very hungry when I woke up – I think I’m getting used to the hunger now as I haven’t actually felt it much today. I have been shattered though. I also cannot stress enough, just how sad I feel that I don’t have to do this permanently, when so many do. Read more

Live Below The Line – Day 2 #livebelowtheline

Day 2 of the challenge. I went to bed on an empty, hungry stomach last night. Remember me saying that this is the way billions of people go to bed – it is really not a nice feeling. Usually I would grab a quick biscuit or something, but I don’t have any in my budget this week! I woke up around 2.30am with a mega rumbling belly. I eventually managed to get back to sleep. When I woke up for the day though, I had a pounding headache. I’m guessing this is from the lack of food, though I am drinking plenty of water. 

Read more

Live Below The Line – Day 1 #livebelowtheline

So today is the first day of my challenge. I’m feeling quite good about it at the minute, not sure how that will change throughout the week though! 

Breakfast – 10.15am:

  • 50g porridge = 4p
  • 1/2 pint tap water = free
  • 1/3 banana = 4p
  • TOTAL = 8p

I usually always make porridge with milk, or half milk half water, but today I had to make it all with water. I am going to be honest, I couldn’t finish it. Towards the end the taste of water was just too much and I started feeling sick. 1/3 of a banana doesn’t really mask the taste that much. Already I have realised just how lucky we are to be able to afford milk! (I’ve cut the rest of the banana up and frozen it, to take out as & when during the week).


Lunch – 1.50pm:

  •  2 slices brown bread = 4p
  • 10g cheese spread = 4p
  • TOTAL = 8p

Today’s lunch wasn’t too bad. It’s something like what I’d normally have anyway. Except I’d be using more expensive cheese spread! Hasn’t really filled me up though and I could do with a bag of crisps or something!


Just worked out the cost of meals throughout the week though, and I can fit snacks into my daily budget, from the food which I’ve bought within my £5 – for example a piece of chicken, or a slice of toast, either with cheese spread or dry – I need to make the spread last throughout the week!

Snack – 4.40pm
  • 1 slice brown bread = 2p
  • TOTAL = 2p

I had to have something to eat, I had a headache coming on and felt so hungry! So just a slice of bread it was, to keep me going until dinner. 

Dinner – 7.15pm
  • 1/2 tin tomatoes = 16p
  • 100g pasta =  6p
  • 2 chicken portions = 34p
  • dash of pepper = 1p
  • TOTAL = 57p

I was so much looking forward to this, and it was yummy! I’m so glad I bought pepper in my budget, as it gave it a bit of flavour, which I needed!


TOTAL for the day = 75p

All in all, I haven’t found today as hard as I expected it to be! I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow though! 

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