Slimming World weigh in #53 – the one where I’m at my lowest…

weekly weigh in

After my weigh in last week and the gain I had, I was very much determined to have a decent loss this week as I was so annoyed that I still hadn’t lost my Christmas weight and felt like I was going backward. This week was the first in goodness knows how long – probably since last year – that I have been on plan AND within my syns for the whole week. Read more

Vogue’s 73 Questions


Before Louise at Birds & Lilies tagged me in the ‘Vogue’s 73 Questions’, I have to be honest that I hadn’t even heard of it, but apparently it’s a load of celebrities that answer quick fire questions and you can find the videos on YouTube. I haven’t gotten around to it but I’m sure I will at some point, when I’m bored enough. Like I am now so I decided to give you my answers to the 73 questions 😉 Read more

Slimming World weigh in #52 – the one where I’m gutted…

weekly weigh in

After my pleasing weigh in last week I went away from group feeling confident about the week ahead. I had no plans to put me off track and I was determined to lose that one more pound to get me back to my pre-Christmas weight. I was doing really well and completely on top of things until stress just got to me one evening, and I delved into the biscuit tin… Oops. I managed to stop myself after 4 or 5 (!) and though they tasted good at the time, I regretted it immediately afterwards. I wiped the slate clean though and was straight back on it the next morning and completely on plan for the rest of the week again. Read more

Slimming World weigh in #51 – the one where I’m back in the zone…

weekly weigh in

After my weigh in last week and being rather disappointed with myself, I was determined I was going to go for it this week as I am desperate to get back to that pre-Christmas weight. I “only” gained 6lb over Christmas and New Year yet here I am, the beginning of February and still I haven’t lost it all! I think I just hadn’t been able to get back into the zone after the festive excesses, but now we have a holiday booked it has given me something to aim for to get to target.

I had been pretty much on plan all week; we did go out for dinner on Thursday a couple of days after weigh in, but I went for a healthy(ish) option of a mixed grill – obviously there would have been the most syns in sausages but I did go for a jacket potato instead of chips, which is the frame of mind I had wanted to be back in. And while everybody else had dessert, I sat and watched them and was actually okay as I was thinking more about the number on the scales the next week!

Before I get to weigh in, here are some meals from Instagram: Read more

My Valentine’s Tech Wish List

Valentine's tech wish list

I’m sure we all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner as we cannot avoid the masses of chocolate, teddies and flowers popping up everywhere – but I don’t want any of that! I must admit I am usually rather anti-Valentine but if somebody my husband was to surprise me with a gift of something from the tech world, I would be over the moon at that! You can give me that over hearts & flowers any day. Just in case my husband is watching, here are the top three items on my tech wish list:

Panasonic Lumix Compact Cameras
The only camera I use nowadays is my phone camera but as good as it is, I would love a separate portable camera. A DSLR or a bridge are great but chunky to haul about, so one of these would be great for those days where I want to take amazing photos but also want something small to carry about. Read more