Three life situations when I might need cash quick

Three life situations when you might need cash quick

As much as we all might try our hardest to save money for a rainy day or more importantly for life emergencies, there might be a time when all of those emergencies happen at the same time. So far we’ve been quite lucky – if you can say that – that ours seem to spread out through the year, but I do know of people who this sort of thing has happened to. And it becomes so stressful because you just can’t manage without a car, your washing machine, your cooker… And still, it’s another week to go until pay day when you will have the cash. 

There are plenty of money related emergencies that may pop up in life, but here are the three that are most likely to happen to us:

Car repairs

Since I bought my first car I’ve been fairly lucky in that any repairs that have needed doing, The Husband has been able to do. But I know that it’s likely that a day will come when I’ll need to take it into a garage. For instance, a small bump (maybe caused by the new potholes that seem to appear every day where I live!) that will actually make my insurance premium increase if I were to get the repair that way; it would most likely be cheaper to get the work done without using my insurance.



House fuel

As I live out in the sticks we can’t get mains gas out here (even though we live half a mile from gas pipes – how does that work?) so we have a solid fuel stove which gives us heat. We mainly use scrap wood on it which The Husband and my brother-in-law acquire for free from various sources, but throughout the winter we use coal quite regularly. The first winter we had in this house, we still had coal left that my father-in-law had purchased; but last year we actually needed to buy some. Luckily we had the money to buy it, but who knew coal was so expensive, even in bulk?! We will most likely buy it during the summer this year when it will be cheaper.



Dental bills

We’re quite lucky in the UK that we are able to get (most) medical treatment on the NHS, but not so much when it comes to dental treatment. We are registered with an NHS dentist but we have to pay for our treatment. It’s not so bad when it’s a regular check up as we make sure we have the money put aside for that in advance. But dental emergencies can become costly. For example when your child headbutts you at point blank range and knocks your tooth out; which I’m actually surprised hasn’t happened to me yet the amount of knocks they give me during rough play!

Dentist chair


As I mentioned in the first paragraph, it’s still a week to payday, one of these emergencies pops up, and you’re broke; but you can’t wait that long. That’s where can be a great help with a payday loan. Of course, you should still practice responsible lending which they promote, and make sure you still pay the full amount back when you get paid.

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