Slimming World weigh in 68 – the one with the relief…

weekly weigh in

After my weigh in last week and being oh so close to the next stone bracket, I went away from group feeling more determined than I have been recently; I think I’ve finally managed to get my head back in the game after not being with it for so long after the Christmas period (yes, it’s taken that long!). I’ve also started back with meal planning which I find really helps, as well as overcooking and freezing for those nights when we are out a bit late or I just cannot be bothered to cook.

I managed to stay on plan all week, other than when we had an impromptu visit to Pizza Hut on Friday evening. The boys and hubby had pizza, but I went for the salad main course and filled my plate with lots of speed! I may have had a little bit of pasta too, but I figured it was much better than pizza… So, it was going well until I glanced at the dessert menu and saw the words ‘salted caramel’ – I just cannot resist those words! So I ended up with a HUGE ice cream milkshake. Oops. After that I kept my syns on the low side just to try and pull it back a bit and still get a loss.

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Slimming World weigh in 67 – the one where I’m closer…

weekly weigh in

After my big loss last week I went away from group feeling really motivated and determined to head for that next stone bracket. I was on it all week, until it got to Sunday. We went to Uncle Henry’s farm shop for their Open Farm Sunday (which was brilliant with lots to do!) and I managed to avoid eating and buying the cheese, crisps, hog roast, ice cream or cakes, while hubby had a hot dog and the boys had cakes – I was quite proud of myself! But then we went for a carvery dinner afterwards, at which I loaded my plate up with veg and had a little gravy, but then the boys had ice cream and hubby had a sundae, and well, a Baileys sundae landed on the table in front of me and jumped in my mouth…


I immediately decided that up until weigh in on Tuesday evening I needed to do EESP to try and do some damage limitation! I managed, and hoped for the best.

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Slimming World weigh in 66 – the one with the shock…

weekly weigh in

I was pretty disappointed after last week’s weigh in and my 1.5lb gain, and I was determined to lose again this week as I am getting fed up with myself yo-yo’ing now. We did attend a wedding do on Friday evening and although I did eat dinner before we left, I may have had a second dinner when I discovered they had a hog roast and chocolate fountain on the go… You just have to, don’t you?

I was on plan the rest of week though; other than the day before weigh in when I felt under the weather (and also had a driving lesson whilst feeling poorly, groan) so I didn’t actually eat much for a couple of days. I had a feeling that it may have affected my weigh in, one way or another. Read more

My Office Basics Wish-List

Office Basics Wish List VELUX

When we moved home back in September last year, we gained a lot more space than we had previously in our 2 bed flat and we didn’t even have space for a computer table, let alone a complete office. We had planned on making one of our rooms into an office, but the boys’ space became priority and so we still don’t have an office (it became a play room instead!), but we do now have a computer table, which is progress! It is still in a small space, but I am planning on making it nice & cosy for both us to use – me for my blogging, and hubby for his games.

We’re all dreamers though aren’t we, and if we don’t have our ideal space, we are nearly always dreaming about what it would be like. I would love a loft office with a slanted roof to have a VELUX blind, it would feel like a proper little hideaway! This is what I would imagine my office to be like: Read more

Slimming World weigh in #65 – the one with the argh…

weekly weigh in

After last week and yet another small loss, although I knew why it was a small loss, I have to admit I was feeling a bit deflated. I feel like I’m not really getting anywhere at the moment though I know this is sometimes my fault, and in part it’s because of my PCOS. I’m kind of at that stage where I feel like giving up, but I am most definitely not going to. I have come really far in a short space of time – compared to previously anyway when I have tried to lose weight – so I know that this eating plan (I hate the word diet!) works for me and it’s something I can maintain long term.

Nonetheless, instead of moping, I stayed on plan for most of the week other than when I went to Birmingham on Friday with Jacob. In all honesty, I did pig out a little bit but on Sunday I was straight back on it. Previously I would have thought, “Oh well, the damage is done now so I may as well carry on”, but these days I prefer to do some damage limitation. That is definitely huge progress. Read more