There are a lot of critical factors to consider when having a bathroom renovated. In addition to professional installers, tradespeople and plumbers, you’ll need to ensure that the electrical work in the bathroom is done to a high standard. There are unique challenges presented by electrical work in the bathroom, and there are essential regulatory standards that must be met.

Part of the reason electrical work in a bathroom can be so challenging is because of the presence of water and steam in bathrooms. It is common knowledge that electricity and water are a bad mix. This means that any electrical work will need to be done with the dangers of water in mind.


Any electrician you hire should always be fully qualified in compliance with UK laws and regulatory bodies. There are various qualifications that electricians may possess, and it is crucial to choose the right professional with the best qualifications. You should always confirm an electrician’s credentials independently for your own peace of mind.


You should always choose an electrician with experience in the type of work you are having done. This means you should talk to various electricians and discuss the bathroom renovation you are doing and your specific requirements for the electrical work in the bathroom. Ask about their experience working safely in environments where water is a factor.


Choosing a local electrician is best as this will ensure you get the service you need when you need it. Someone local will be able to come to your home quickly should something go wrong, or if you need an emergency callout. It may help to make a shortlist of local electricians to contact about the work you need for your new bathroom. An excellent example of the kind of professional local electrical services you should be looking for is Trade Facilities Services in Essex. They are a member of Trustmark which a government endorsed standard.

Customer Service

Good customer service is another essential characteristic of the electrician you choose. You should judge a business’s customer service based on the size of its operation. For instance, a large company will likely be more responsive than a single person enterprise, but you may find that the service will be of higher quality in a smaller operation. Get in touch with several electricians and evaluate the quality of customer service from these contacts.


It is a good idea to learn about the typical pricing you can expect from a qualified electrician. Shopping around can be beneficial to get the best value for money, but it is essential to avoid compromising quality for a lower cost. Understanding the typical rates will allow you to negotiate pricing and ensure you get the best possible value for money.

Emergency Call Out

Choosing an electrician that has an emergency call out service is critical. If there is an emergency relating to the new lighting, electrical wiring or other electrical issues in your bathroom, you will need to be able to get in touch with the electrician you are using. Look for businesses that offer 24/7 callout options to give you the peace of mind you need.

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