Creating Farmhouse Chic With Your Interior

There is something so chic and cosy about farmhouse style interior design. It almost feels like it’s a throwback to a simpler time when all you could do was bake and feed your chickens. However, there is a lot to farmhouse style that is savvy, and smart. It is about utility, as well as beauty. 

And if you quite often visit TikTok, you’ll know the cottagecore is an entire mood too. You can flow between the two with ease. 

kitchen shelf packed with old farmhouse kitchen utensils, Creating Farmhouse Chic With Your InteriorPhoto by William on Unsplash

A balance of brand-new items, and old ones. Kath Kidston style prints, a distinct feeling of femininity.

You also find that most farmhouse chic, and country style houses, will have a lot to do with nature. It’s not necessarily all dried flowers either.

So if you are excited to try the farmhouse style interior chic in the rooms in your home, read on for some loose rules, and handy tips.

What is farmhouse chic interior style?

When we think about farm houses, we generally think about cosy and relaxing spaces. Places that are heaving with character, but are usually organised, and very practical. 

Combining both form and function, with a lot of beauty and personality.

Are there any rules for chic farmhouse interiors?

If you think about the original farmhouses, they were decorated with whatever was practical and also easy to get. However, we have much more access now to things than ever before. Thanks to the Internet if you want a very specific style of farmhouse deco you can get it.

One of the overriding things should always be about practicality. There shouldn’t be anything that is too delicate or too special to be used. A certain level of sophistication and hardiness will be in your farmhouse chic interior style.

This is the chance to show off and use those bowls that have been handed down from your great grandmother, to showcase those original pots and pans, and celebrate all of those secondhand and used items.

Not everything has to be new, for example, if you have a very specific curtain rail or pipe style, you should get tube clamps that match. Those small details are the things that will pull the entire farmhouse chic look together for you.

Something that is so interesting about a farmhouse look is that it looks like it has been pulled together over time. Not everything looks like it was purchased from a store, and they certainly don’t look like they were purchased at the same time. There is nothing to say that you can’t use great stores like IKEA and other flat-pack furniture stores though. 

However, instead of buying a complete set of something buy one or two of each item. If you have a fairly neutral colour palette to start with, you have a lot of room to play with colour and textures.

A farmhouse style interior doesn’t really look like it was calculated and thought out. But it just seems to work. It is about putting in things that you enjoy looking at, but can also be used.

And one of the key things, perhaps not a rule but just a way of living, is to take your time. Nothing about a farmhouse style interior looks like it has been rushed. 

Don’t simply buy things just because you’re in a rush to complete the look, instead find things that will add to your collection, and consider your farmhouse chic interior more of the living entity than just space.

How kitsch is too kitsch?

It is very easy to grab some sunflower paintings, some blue and white checked material, and a whole set of mix and match bowls that have been pre-chosen for you and while it will have the kind of look you’re going for, it just simply won’t match up to if you had spent the time to put it together for yourself. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with having wallpaper that has fruit prints, and barnyard pig wooden plaques, they shouldn’t really be the big focal point in the room. It can be a little bit too cheesy, however, if that’s your style and what you love, then go for it. These items do slowly move you out of the farmhouse look and don’t quite match up to cottage either.

So think about how cheesy you want to go.

Tips for Farmhouse interior design

Here are some fun and classic elements of farmhouse decoration. They will help you get a little step further to achieving that farmhouse style that you’re looking for.

  • Exposed wood beams are one of the staples of farmhouse style. The exposed wooden beams help you to keep the elements of nature that we spoke about previously, and give us some architectural detail too.
  • Vintage furniture is perfect, and you can mix and match it with new furniture too. You don’t have to go all out and have huge reclaimed wood tables and chairs; however, a small vintage chest or even simple vintage accessories will work wonders.

  • Kitchen counters look fantastic with butcher blocks. They keep the look very rustic and can stay in great shape for years. They also add a massive element of practicality.

  • A distressed look to your wood and some peeling paint is not the end of the world. In fact, it can really make your farmhouse look authentic. It’s a great excuse to let things go a little bit, as you don’t want everything to look brand-new.

When it comes to creating a chic farmhouse kitchen, or other room in your home, think about stripped-back, relaxed with a substantial practical element; after all farmhouses were more for relaxing after a hard day out in the field. 

And if you ever needed a perfect excuse to have your giant vintage mixer out on the sides, as well as play around with a sepia filter for your favourite photos of them this is it. A chic farmhouse look is cosy, charismatic, and can cater to your family life perfectly.

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