Finding Inspiration For Your Vintage Interior

We all have our own styles we want to see throughout our homes. Some of us are into the contemporary side of things, with plenty of light shades on the wall and clear space around the floor. Some of us turn to the mid century for a comforting look, with bright couches to sit on and perfectly varnished wood coffee tables to rest a crossword book on. And some of us like the vintage side of things. We like to look around the room and see 70s retro, or a throwback to the 1950s. It’s just how we like to live; a bit of aged decor here and there and we feel right at home. 

Which is why it might be of use to you to find some inspiration for your vintage interior plans. If you love the idea of firing up a gramophone and playing some records no one has heard since the 20s, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you! 

Finding Inspiration For Your Vintage Interior, retro record playerPexels Image – CC0 Licence

Look Through Your Local Antique Place

If there’s a few charity shops or an antique store near you, be sure to put your shoes on and go down to have a look. You can find all kinds of adequate pieces inside these kinds of stores, and usually at a discounted price – you can pick up a roll of vintage wallpaper for just a couple of quid here and there! Be sure to come back frequently, to see if any new stock has come in, and don’t be afraid to haggle if you’re visiting the latter kind of place. 

Pop the TV On

There’s all kinds of shows currently running on the TV to do with the vintage design choice, and if you’re looking for some inspiration over how to decorate your own home, be sure to to pick up a TV guide and find out when they’re on. If you’re an avid daytime TV watcher, or you’ve got some spare time between jobs and the family at the minute, you won’t have to put in any extra effort to watch these. Or you could look through this list of popular antique shows to watch, if you’re a bit pushed for time and fancy just setting the recording up so you can watch later! 

Use Online Picture Boards

Sites like Pinterest have a lot to offer someone like you. Even just searching up ‘vintage decor’ can bring back all kinds of picture board hits. Thousands of results all in one place, with click through links attached to each and every one of the images you come across. Why not have a quick look through the archives now? Even create an account and set up a board of your own, and ‘pin’ all of the looks you even slightly like the look of – you can always narrow down the selection later on. 

Your vintage interior dream doesn’t have to die on a hill – there’s a lot of inspiring options out there to be used. 

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