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The back-to-school season is by far the saddest thing that happens during the year. Not only because it marks the official end of the summer holidays — if you’ve missed it, the summer has also ended since September, 23rd – but for a lot of families, it’s also the end of outdoor activities. It’s as if there were some implicit rule that stated that once the kids are back to school, you can’t have a fun time in the garden anymore. Don’t deny it! There’s a natural sense of cold and sadness that grabs you when the school term starts again. Immediately, the mind assumes it’s already time for winter, and your mood is affected.

The September and October low can last several weeks or months. You might find the outdoor grey and dull until the first Christmas decorations appear in town. Because they add vibrant colours to the landscape, it suddenly becomes more enjoyable to take a stroll outside. But, all things considered, it’s never a bad time to go out and feel the soothing effect of nature on you. If you want to avoid serious mood swings in winter, you should refuel your vitamin D levels now – through direct sunlight. Here are some ideas to get you excited about the great outdoors.

Conservatory An inviting conservatory

A fire should keep you warm

There’s no denying that the weather is not as warm as it was over the summer. But you only need to add some outdoor heating to make the most of your garden when the weather is dry. A nice fire pit or a standing chiminea can keep you warm and cosy. Besides with an open fire pit, you can even roast marshmallows while enjoying a soothing cup of cocoa after a long day at work! If you need an excuse to go to the garden, let it be a feast of fire-roasted marshmallows!

Your body needs proteins to keep you warm

It’s funny how most people can’t imagine eating outside when they can’t eat ice creams or a fresh salad anymore. In reality, you can help your body adjust to the temperatures – and let’s be honest, the weather isn’t too cold in October – with the right diet. Sweet fruits and fresh vegetables are nice, but you need to bring more proteins to keep your energy burning. A nice picnic of scotch eggs, roasted butternut squash and some grilled meat can keep you warm. Just add plenty of spices to help your metabolism cope with the weather.

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You don’t need to be outside to sit in the middle of nature

Just the presence of nature around you is soothing. If the weather is too cold or rainy, you can still sit in the middle of a natural environment in your conservatory. In fact, you can upgrade the space with comfy seating and elegant features to transform your conservatory into a second living room. Houseplants help to purify the indoor air and they act as a relaxing factor to the mind. You don’t need to go outside to enjoy the best of nature!

The bottom line is that there shouldn’t be any indoor season. Now that the weather is still warm, you can enjoy plenty of healthy autumnal sunlight! And when the temperatures begin to drop, sitting surrounded by your favourite house plants at home can help to sustain your mood!

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