A lot of us are on diet and exercise plans, sticking to them like glue, making sure we never skip leg day, and always have a smoothie in the morning. But that can take a lot of time and energy to keep up with, and thus a lot of people become disillusioned with it; it simply takes too much time, and they need that time for other responsibilities in their life! Honestly, we can’t blame anyone for dropping a regime like this.

In combating this, a lot of health gurus and fitness influencers will tell you to try and make time, because your health is more important than anything else! But in reality, schedules don’t work this way, and you can’t prolong your lunch break at work from 20 minutes to an hour simply because you need to get your lunges in!

So it’s clear we need a solution, and thankfully, quite a few exist out there. After all, there’s some weight loss tips you can use to benefit you in about five or ten minutes, as long as you stick to it day by day, and strive to make as much of a difference to yourself as possible. And if you’re someone who’s been looking out for a post like this, why not read on for some of the information you’ve been wishing for?

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Try to Eat a Bit Slower

Sure, you’ve got 5 minutes to cram that sandwich in your mouth and get back to your desk, but if you make the effort to chew a little slower, your brain is going to have a much better time of processing that you’ve had something to eat. Our brains are our most powerful organs after all, and their perception matters a lot when it comes to how we’re feeling within ourselves, so try to slow down between each bite.

Would you consider yourself a fast eater? It’s been found that those who do are more likely to have a high BMI, and trying to reduce their chewing speed has helped to reduce their weight! So if you’ve got a large meal coming up for dinner, be sure to chew each forkful you put in your mouth as much as possible – it might just feel like a mini workout for your jaw, and slow, thorough chewing can even help reduce that double chin you keep seeing in the mirror!

Pack in Some More Protein

This is where something like a Carnivore Diet could step in, seeing as there’s zero carbs involved in an eating regime like this, and animal meats and products are packed full of the proteins bodybuilders crave in time for their next competition! So this is your chance to help yourself feel fuller, stronger, and have much more energy in your arms and legs when you’re out and about: eat a little more protein!

Whilst you may not want to be on a diet like this for too long – after all, suppressing your hunger is never quite a healthy thing to do, and having a lot of saturated fats and no carbohydrates to soak it up can be quite bad for the body – it could be a faster and more simple way to try and achieve that dress goal in time for your friend’s wedding!

But if you don’t want to take this idea to the extreme: you can easily add some more proteins into your diet, especially if you’ve got a supermarket trip to make today! Just change up the items that are on your list, and instead follow a shopping list like this. Once you’ve bought items like these, you can easily substitute them into your regular meals, but seeing as we’re on a strict time schedule here, here’s some protein packed recipes to follow if you don’t have the time to set out a meal plan in the evenings.

Try to Get to Bed Earlier

Even at the same time as the kids if you can! Sure, you’ve been wanting a bit of alone time before bed, or you’ve got some work emails to answer or files to sort through, but these should never detract from a good night’s sleep. And if you go to bed earlier than usual, you can wake up earlier than usual, and have a good night’s sleep on your side to make your work (or quiet morning coffee) all the better!

Having enough sleep every time you hit the hay has an huge impact on your weight loss struggles, and can help your body to better regulate how much fat there is stored away. Not to mention, better sleep means a better appetite, making you hungry for more healthy foods that you wouldn’t normally consider appetizing. There’s nothing like seeing a picture of a giant big mac by the side of the road when you’re on your way home, hungry as all hell, and being able to resist the temptation!

Cut Out Sugary Drinks

All in all, we need sugars in our diet to make sure we stay healthy, and the body won’t work very well without these foods. However, if you have a lot of added sugar in your diet, you might want to consider cutting back on these, as even just reducing your sugar content by a couple of spoonfuls can reduce the weight you see on the scales!

And it’s very simple to cut out sugar like this; reduce, or even simply stop consuming the sugary drinks you like, day by day. Things like energy drinks and soda go a long way to helping you store fat, and being able to cut them out completely would be great for your health, and the example you set for your kids!

However, of course, sugary drinks can be a bit of an addiction, considering the amount of caffeine in them as well, so it’d be best to cut back bit by bit instead of trying cold turkey straight away.

Drink a Lot More Water!

It’s a secret weapon most people have at their disposal, as water is completely calorie free and won’t do anything to add to your fat percentage. And it’s very simple to introduce a change like this – you simply need to have a glass of water in the morning, before anything else, and then try to drink half a glass of the good stuff before eating any meal throughout the day!

When you’re just sitting or lying down, and you feel like you’re relaxing and not doing much to make your body sweat or go through the paces, you’re actually spending energy via rest expenditure. And when you’re properly hydrated, and topped up on as much water as possible, you can even increase this kind of expenditure to burn more and more calories as you go on. Just think; sitting down at your desk, like you are right now, could be made at least 20% more proficient on your body if you just have a glass of water next to you and are constantly taking a sip out of it.

Water itself, is very easy to get to. You can pour some straight out of the tap, and you can spend a few pennies to get a bottle of it from your local supermarket, and you can get it free from any restaurant, cafe, or other food establishment if you just ask. Drinking whilst you’re jogging, running, or walking, is going to be incredibly effective on your weightloss plan, so drink up!

Walk a Little More Whenever You Can

Got an elevator ride to the top floor? Why not stop off halfway through the journey and briskly walk the rest of the way up the stairs? This could be a good ten minutes of exercise to fit in, and helps to contribute towards your weekly exercise goal (which is usually about 150 minutes).

At the same time, try to sit less throughout the day, especially when you get home again. If you’ve already been on your feet for your 8 hour shift, feel free to ignore this, but if you’ve got a desk job, get up and move when you get home again! Even try watching the TV as you walk!

Remember, Small Steps Matter

It may feel like you’re doing nothing to work towards your goal weight, but you’ve got all kinds of weight loss methods on the go right now, no matter how small and ineffective they seem at first! When you’ve got not time to properly commit to a gym membership or aerobics classes on Wednesday evenings, you have to take small steps and rely on these!

Even when you’re just standing around waiting for the dinner cook, doing some push ups against the back door or one of the nearby cupboards will be great for building up your strength! So be sure to appreciate the tactics you’ve got under your belt, and be sure to put tips like these to good use in the limited time you have during the day.

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  1. Great post! I’m currently at my weight loss journey as well – although I try to keep myself relatively skinny throughout the year, so it’s only just for a few periods! Thanks for being such a great motivation though:)

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