To Tree Or Not To Tree?

fallen tree


The property is perfect. Everything about your home is a million bucks, The Big Lebowski, tea and crumpets with the queen. Well, pretty much everything – there is the issue of the huge tree in the garden. Yep, we all know the one. It’s the type that is big enough to block natural light from entering the home yet sufficient to fell. It’s the sort to provide shelter to cheeky burglars (is there another kind?) while they attempt to rob the house. In short, it’s too big and bulky and is causing problems. So, to paraphrase Shakespeare: to tree or not to tree, that is the question?

Here are the things to consider before attacking a 100-year-old organism with a chainsaw.


Sadly, you don’t have the first part which means the second part of the equation isn’t going to work out either. There is a reason the arboriculture profession pays a fortune, and it’s because these men and women save lives. Plus, they remove trees from gardens that haven plaguing properties for centuries. Which one is more important, you decide. Depending on the size, it’s best to forget about a spot of amateur felling and call an expert. Anything which is small in stature is fair game as long as you know how to handle heavy machinery and wear protective clothing.

Location, Location, Location

For the most part, this cliché is rolled out in the real estate industry. If mid-morning TV has taught us anything, it’s that location is imperative. And, the same applies to a gigantic, ten-tonne oak in the middle of the property. Trees are living, breathing organisms and don’t always play ball. You think it may fall one way, and it goes the other. Seriously, houses have been destroyed due to poor tree felling planning. Not just the occupant, but the neighbours too.

The Property Line

The location also plays a part regarding ownership. You see, there’s a chance that the tree isn’t yours to cut down in the first place. Yep, it looks as if it is on your property, but the line may run in a funny direction. Funny queer, not funny ha-ha. Depending on how close the tree is to the border, you may want to double check the plans. Be sure the neighbours have zero claims on the tree and that it isn’t accidental destruction of property. The blueprints at your local council should put the matter beyond doubt.

Eco Side-Effects

Plants, flowers, trees and greenery of any kind is home to wildlife. As soon as it goes, they will have nowhere to live and there will be a chink in the ecosystem chain. So, what? It doesn’t impact your life. The thing is that it does because there is only one planet and we need to take care of it for the sake of the next generation. If that isn’t a priority, consider the rise in CO2 emissions after the tree is gone. A warmer planet leads to melting ice caps and residential flooding which is very destructive.

After reading the potential pitfalls, what is your decision?

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