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A pretty front garden can help to make your home more welcoming and attractive. If you’ve got an empty front lawn and you are wondering what to do with it, consider some of these decorative ideas.

Solar lighting

Solar lighting can offer a warm ambient glow that can help to illuminate the entrance to your home home. Such lighting can be versatile as to where you place it – you can put it practically anywhere, providing that it gets enough sunlight during the day to stay charged. Post lights, spot lights and flood lights are some of the most popular forms of solar lighting.

A garden path

A garden path can be a sweet way of guiding guests to your door. This could be a gravel path, a stepping stone path or a brick path. Such a path could have lighting and plants on either side to help it look more enchanting.

A pond

You could also build yourself a pond in your front garden. This could serve simply as a decorative water feature or you could put fish in it. If you choose the latter option, you’ll want to find a way of filtering your pond to keep it oxygenated – fountains and waterfalls are stylish ways to do this. Make sure that there’s no risk of guests stumbling into your pond on the way to the door – you could consider adding a grill over the top just in case.


Sculptures could be a fun way of giving the outside of your home some more character. These sculptures could include anything from gnomes to abstract pieces. There are companies that can build custom sculptures for you. This could allow you to create a sculpture that is truly unique, ensuring that your home has its own individual look. 


You could also use hedges to make your front garden more eye-catching. These could be tall hedges that offer privacy or waist high hedges that still allow you to look out of your window. You could even opt for sculpted hedges (although you may want to hire a professional to sculpt and maintain these). Hedges are commonly made up of green leaved plants, but you can also turn colourful flowering plants into hedges. 

Colourful flowers

A great way of making the front of your home more cheery and vibrant is to add colourful flowers. These could be grown in flower beds, pots, hanging baskets or window boxes. You could even opt for something slightly whimsical such as growing them in a wheelbarrow. To help these flowers stand out, choose colours that contrast the colour of your home’s exterior. 

Windmills and wind chimes

Windmills and wind chimes can be other fun decorative features to consider. On a breezy day, they’ll help to bring energy to your front garden. Be wary that wind chimes could be annoying to your neighbours – unless you’re able to get your neighbour’s blessing, they’re best suited to fairly remote properties.

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