Our September favourites | Cake, crumble, and kids

September seems so far behind us now; well, in reality it is, isn’t it?! Three weeks behind us in fact. I’ve had so much happening the past few weeks that I’ve only just gotten around to writing our favourites for September. I was thinking I would just skip it this month, but then I decided to just get on with it as I haven’t missed a month since I started in May last year.

Our September favourites mostly consists of food and the boys. Well, they are two of my most favourite things in general anyway, so it’s fitting! September was back to school month, and we also have two family birthdays; The Husband and his brother, at either end of the month.

Blackberry crumble

With an abundance of blackberries in the freezer ready for autumn, it felt like the time was right to make the first crumble of the season. Apple & blackberry has to be my absolute favourite flavour combination for a crumble. Served with a good dollop of custard is just the way I like it. I do have a question – what’s the perfect ratio of fruit to topping?

Crumble, apply & blackberry crumble

Back to school

I think I may be in the minority of parents who actually look forward to the kids going back to school after the summer holidays. Jacob is really hard work and six whole weeks of the two of them is super exhausting, so I was looking forward to a little break every day! We did have a fun summer but both boys were also looking forward to returning and seeing their friends. Next year, I’ll be packing them both off to primary school!

Back to school

Birthday baking

At the beginning of the month it was my brother-in-law’s birthday, and as I never really know what to buy him, I thought I’d make him a cool cake instead! I’d been wanting to make one of these sweet explosion cakes for ages so it was the perfect excuse 😉 It didn’t turn out exactly how I’d imagined it, but I was still pretty pleased! I will actually be blogging it at some point, too…

Sweet explosion cake
The reality of getting a nice photo…

School photos

Back to school time also means it’s time for the annual school photo! Last year Jacob had one on his own, but this year Noah had his taken with him too as he is at pre-school now (they’ll both be in that uniform next year, wow!). I’m still waiting for my copies to arrive (how expensive are they?!) but I took a sneaky photo whilst the photographer was doing his thing.

School photos

What were your favourites in September?

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