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I can’t quite believe that J is now 2 and a half years old – I will have a 3 year old in less than 6 months! (And also a one year old!). He is continuing to thrive & develop so much, I’ve probably said it before but as much as he is testing, he amazes me every single day.

His independence is continuing to grow and he now tries to put his shoes on and take them off. If he’s wearing velcro shoes then he can just about unfasten them, though he hasn’t mastered pulling them off yet – though he does with everyone else’s! Speaking of shoes, he loves wearing Mummy & Daddy’s which is rather funny…

Now N is moving about a bit more, J is enjoying him so much more too. He loves that he can now (attempt) to play with him – though he does get a little rough sometimes as he doesn’t realise N is still a bit fragile! He fetches toys for N to play with, and he even shares his toys with him. One of the cutest things he does with N is read to him and show him his books. It makes my heart melt every time. He’s also getting better at playing and sharing with other children too. When we go to stay & play or the like, he often brings toys for the other babies and goes around kissing them. I think becoming a big brother has mellowed him a little!

His vocabulary is amazing for his age, he comes out with something new every day – and like I mentioned in his last update, some that I’ve never heard anyone say to him! I think he gets a lot of them from nursery nowadays, and they said he’s talking so much more now as well. He copies nearly everything you say, which is sometimes cheeky when he’s being told off and then I can’t help but laugh at him, little monkey! We’ve finally managed to get him to say his full name (all four of them), which is unbelievably cute. The first time he said it, I said to him afterwards “Yay, clever boy” and now he says it every time he says his name; I’m sure he thinks that’s part of his name too!

He took a while to really get into his books and nursery rhymes but he loves them now. His favourite book at the minute is his number picture book. He loves to do “This little piggy” and “Round and round the garden like a teddy bear” too, he will do it to anyone who is willing. His favourite song at the minute is “The wheels on the bus” and Mummy & Daddy have to repeatedly sing it on every car journey… (At which point I feel like singing “Are we nearly there yet?…”).

He’s still as much of a fussy eater as he was two months ago, though he is eating some things again that I haven’t given him for a while. This also works if we tell him that a food is something else that he likes in disguise. The things we do to get them to eat! His favourite foods at the minute are Kinder eggs (bad Mummy alert), raisins, apples (see, that counteracts it), sausages (still), “big cheese”/cheese sticks, and jelly & yoghurt.

He recently had a routine EYFS observation at nursery. He is hitting the majority of his developmental ‘targets’, and the only thing we really need to do at both nursery and at home is to encourage him to say simple sentences. He can say 4 or 5 word sentences at the minute, but they are often quite random with words missing.

I’m so proud of my special little guy.

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