#ParcelPerfect – How do you wrap yours?

ParcelPerfect - How do you wrap yours

If there is one thing I always leave until the last minute at Christmas, it’s wrapping presents. I have been known to be sat wrapping at 10pm on Christmas Eve, finishing up; but obviously that’s only possible with gifts I am giving over the coming days. Over recent years I have taken part in Secret Santa exchanges with various online communities I am a part of, and this means my recipient is usually across the other side of the country. Hence, I need to send parcels via mail or courier.

Contact Numbers UK have launched their #ParcelPerfect campaign; aiming to ensure all parcels get to their destination, or any potential issues are sorted ASAP this Christmas. Contact Numbers UK have produced this comprehensive guide to posting Christmas presents. When wrapping presents and packing parcels, I definitely have my own meticulous way of doing so!

How do I wrap my presents?

When it comes to wrapping kids presents, I will quite simply just slap some sellotape on, leaving plenty of places for them to rip it open; I don’t think they really care what it looks like and just want to be in there! With adult gifts, I try to make them look a bit prettier. Nice paper, a sparkly gift tag, some shiny ribbon (all coordinating colours, of course); and nice creases in the paper! Yes, I’m that person that folds the edges under to make sure there is no underneath showing along the taped edges… I think it just gives that extra special edge to the gift, and it makes the recipient both want to rip it open to see what’s inside, but at the same time not want to spoil it.

How do I package my parcels?

When it comes to sending my parcels, I like to make sure they are really well packaged.

For larger parcels, I will either find a sturdy box or use a mailing bag. If reusing a box then I will make sure it is still in good condition, and either cover up the address with a folded sheet of plain paper, or re-wrap in brown packaging paper for that little bit of extra protection on the outside. On the inside, I surround my package with tissue paper, newspaper, brown paper, bubble wrap, or even packing beads if I have any from a previous delivery. When using a mailing bag, I wrap the package in a double layer of bubble wrap as the bags are prone to getting ripped, and I don’t want my lovely wrapping damaged!

For smaller parcels, I usually just use a bubble envelope as they come in various sizes. If there is a bit of space on the inside of the envelope, then I fold the sticky edge over as far as it will go to secure the contents, and add more tape. If I have no bubble envelopes but I have mailing bags, then I will use one of these instead. And as above, I will wrap in bubble wrap first; I also ‘mould’ the bag around the contents for smaller packages.

When it comes to taping them up, I always use double protection! First a layer of sellotape, then a layer of parcel tape. I make sure I leave no gap uncovered; I don’t want to run the risk of it being opened accidentally and the contents being damaged! All edges are taped, and all corners are taped.

Using these methods, I’ve never had an issue with how my parcels are delivered; I will be doing exactly the same this Christmas.

How do you wrap and package yours?

*PR collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.

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