It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

On Thursday evening we went to see the town Christmas lights being turned on. We attempted it for the first time with J last year but it didn’t go very well in the end – we were running a little late so we were half way down the high street when they went on (so missed the countdown and bits before) and then they had fireworks which J was terrified of and just cried at so we left!

It was much more successful this year though. We left in good time as we knew it would be very busy, not that we wanted to get near the front anyway as it would have been a bit loud for N. We arrived around 20 minutes before the big switch on and caught the end of the Co-Operative Junior Choir, who were rather good.

After they’d finished, it was time for the big man in the red suit – Santa of course – to get on stage and count down to the switch on. Both the boys still weren’t really sure what was happening to be honest! they were both gazing when the ‘pretties’ came on though, and then came the fireworks along with fake snow and Christmas songs! It was pretty magic, the firework display was brilliant and both boys were mesmerised by it – I don’t think N is going to be scared of much! After our Christmassy trip to the garden centre last week too, we’re definitely getting into the Christmas spirit now!

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