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Regular readers of my pregnancy diaries will know that I’ve been suffering with SPD and more general pain this pregnancy. When I was offered the chance to review a pregnancy support belt by Cantaloop I was so pleased as I have been recommended them by a few people. 

The Cantaloop pregnancy support belt promises: 

Total comfort due to seamless design. No lines/bunching under clothes. No velcro to destroy clothes. The pouch portion is a looser knit to allow growth. Back portion thicker for support and warmth, i.e. excellent for strained muscles.

The support belt looks pretty much like the bump band I have been using, but that was only really so I could wear my regular jeans etc. and it has no real support. The Cantaloop support belt arrived in a cardboard tube (which little man has taken to storing his jigsaw pieces in!) so it was very well protected so as not to be damaged in the post.
I received a white support belt (which is the colour I would usually go for). On first glance I could see the thicker support portion which I straight away felt was going to be a great help. I also like the little butterfly printed in the top corner which makes it feel a bit more feminine. 
When I put it on for the first time I immediately felt the pressure off my bump as it lifted it up, as it feels so heavy without any kind of support. The pouch part, as it states in the description, is looser and there was more than enough room to accommodate my smaller bump and allow room for growth, so it would be a good fit for larger bumps too. 
I wore it around the house at first to get a feel for it and then my next use was a short walk to the supermarket. Normally I would be getting a lot of pain around my front and lower down at this point but I was amazed that there was barely any (just the usual lightening pains which this wouldn’t help with). I have also worn it to walk around town which is where the pain really affects me. The same as the walk, I had barely any pain. I have to say I did still get a bit of backache wearing it though, but not as much as I do when not wearing it. I also found it did bunch up a little at the back which is a bit awkward to adjust when wearing a dress, but nothing really annoying that can’t wait to be dealt with. It is practically invisible under clothing though. 
With a current retail price on the CMS Shop of £13.30 I think it is well worth the investment to be relieved of pain which is at times debilitating, and I wish I had invested sooner as I have really suffered during this pregnancy.
My rating – 4/5
I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest and my own. 

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  1. Wow. I paid £15-£20 for the bands from mothercare which as u know suffering from SPD does not help. I didnt know this was o. The market.
    Wish I had looks amazing will deff recommend to anyone wjo asks me xxx

  2. Fab, like I said it really has helped with the pain x

  3. I used a support belt in pregnancy too, and it just helped to lighten the load a little!

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