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How many times have you said to a friend, “The kids are making my hair fall out today!”? Hopefully it’s not just me, but I know I do multiple times a week! Either that, or it’s being pulled out by the kids – ouch!

I wrote this little poem that you may be able to familiarise yourself with, particularly on those hair falling out kind of days…

Today is one of those days, where I need to be split in two;
“Mummy, can you come with me? I think I need a poo!”.
And in my ear on the other side,
“Mummy can you help me? I can’t find my shoe!”.

They pull me this way, they pull me that;
Oh no, they’re even trying to pull the cat!
But hang on, we don’t even have one of those?;
So to the cat, “Shoo, shoo, off you go!”.

I think it’s time for coffee, a hot one though I hope;
Maybe not, they’re wrestling now,
So for a run across the house I go!
(And for that hot coffee one day, I do still live in hope).

Lunch time, oh yay! A few minutes peace for me;
I send a message to a friend,
“My hair is falling out today, 
I don’t know how you cope with three!”.

A trip to the park? What a good idea,
“Come on kids, shoes on, let’s go!” 
Tire them out some more for bed time,
Then finally I can relax!

Oh what a day it’s been, they’ve driven me up the wall,
But these days won’t last forever.
So I hold them tight, kiss them goodnight,
And softly stroke their hair.

I think hair loss is something a lot of parents joke about in this type of way, but it is a really serious and often stressful reality for some people. I imagine it can cause huge self confidence issues too and many people will resort to wearing a wig to cover up their hair loss, though as this is more of a maintenance option it could get eventually expensive with replacements and maintenance of the actual wig.

A full head of hair can be a reality again though in the form of a hair transplant. The Harley Street Hair Clinic offer a hair transplant cost calculator on their website, which could be the beginning of a journey to help restore that hair confidence that many hair loss sufferers aspire to have again.

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