Little Mister Curly Locks

When little man was born, he had quite a bit of hair. This is it the day after he was born, whilst having his first bath.

Baby's first bath
First bath

Ever since then it has just got longer and longer. Before he was born, I had an idea that even if he didn’t have a lot of hair, once it started growing, it would go curly. For the simple reason that his Daddy’s hair is curly when it grows (and was when he was younger), and mine is naturally wavy. I was right (I knew I would be, I’m a woman, I always am). 

This is his hair now:

Little man's curly hair
Little man’s hair now

Little man is now 15 months, and he still hasn’t had his first haircut! I just cannot bring myself to do it. Even though people continuously confuse him for a girl because of it. I know he will need one soon, but I will be so sad and possibly regret it. Of course I can keep a curl, but he is my little curly locks. 

When did your little one have their first haircut?

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