Little man N at 10 months old

Ten months old. My youngest baby will be turning one this year! In less than two months! (And then for another 18 days I will be a Mummy of two under three). He’ll not be a baby for much longer – heck, it feels like he’s outgrown the baby stage already, sometimes.

He hasn’t been weighed since the last time but I’m not too worried. He has his ‘health check’ soon anyway so we’ll find out soon anyway. I can’t imagine he will have gained an awful lot though as he never stops moving and is a proper speed crawler! He’s still on 3 x 6 oz bottles (sometimes less as he often doesn’t finish them). He’s still loving his food and there’s barely anything he doesn’t like. He is such a gannet though and practically has a panic attack if he doesn’t get his meals straight away! His favourite food at the minute seems to be blueberries, which is a lovely healthy choice.

His own little personality is just amazing (I know, I’m biased) and I just love seeing it developing every day. He won’t let me cut his nails though so I have no end of scratch marks from him! He loves to climb up me – I often have both the boys doing it though vying for my attention! He’s so cheeky – when J is on the step, N crawls there and sits and laughs at him as he thinks it’s a game, so J finds it funny and I have to battle through that too! He still has his diva ways. He screams the house down when he’s having his nappy changed and he can’t get away – I’m sure the neighbours must think he’s being murdered or something… And then after we’ve finished he crawls away laughing!

He has three teeth now! Though his lower right incisor still hasn’t come through, it’s his top left central incisor. They seem to be coming through quicker than J’s did so I’m hoping we’ll have that stage out of the way sooner!

He hasn’t taken any unaided steps yet, though he’s still cruising and will let go for a nanosecond before falling on his bottom. We’ve tried giving him his walker to use but he’s not really interested at the minute – he’s more interested in playing with the activity ‘table’ on the front of it. I’m not going to rush him though as I was desperate for J to walk as all of his peers were and he still didn’t until 15 months! I know he’ll do it when he’s good & ready – I think he’s quite happy with his speed crawling at the moment!

20 thoughts on “Little man N at 10 months old

  1. Awww he is such a cutie! Both of my boys started walking between 14-16 months, they get there eventually. My daughter walked at 10 months!

  2. Ah what a lovely update! I remember that panicking that the food was never going to get to them, and you're cooking as fast as you can but its just not fast enough!! What a cheeky chappy 🙂 x x

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