The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaires – week 22

Erm… So it’s a bit of a short one this week!

Friday 25th October – 22w 2d
I had a major pregzilla meltdown yesterday over the cupcakes I’m making for my cousin’s wedding. Bloody hormones! They are done now though so I’m relieved (and tired. And achy!).

Saturday 26th October – 22w 3d
It’s been a long day as we have been at my cousin’s amazing wedding all afternoon/evening. I am absolutely shattered but it was definitely worth it! 

Tuesday 29th October – 22w 6d
I’ve had bump pain today, not like anything I’ve had before. It’s not like BH, it’s just more of a constant pain across the top of my bump and I can’t get comfy in any position. Not helped by a toddler who likes to jump and bounce next to me and fall onto me. Also tired and have achy feet again from doing another cake – I love baking and stuff but this is why I don’t do an awful lot when pregnant, I just get too grumpy! 

At 22 weeks, berry is the size of a papaya.
Taste buds have started forming on the tongue.
The brain and nerve endings are developed enough so they have a sense of touch.
The eyes have formed but the irises still lack pigment.
The reproductive system is developing. In boys, the testes have begun to drop; in girls, the uterus and ovaries are in place and the vagina developed.
The pancreas is developing steadily.
The heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope.

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