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Hubby & I both love Mexican food and although I do love cooking from scratch, sometimes it’s nice to be able to just throw something together from a packet when I’m feeling tired or lazy, and especially when it’s from a brand like Old El Paso. We have used quite a few products from Old El Paso before but we were sent the following items to review, the majority of which I have not tried before:

  • crispy chicken mix
  • chilli seasoning mix
  • wholewheat tortilla wraps
  • corn tortilla wraps
  • squeezy soured cream
  • squeezy red jalapeno relish

We hadn’t had fajitas for a while so we tried the crispy chicken mix first with the wholewheat tortilla wraps. I was lazy and just used ready sliced stir fry chicken (the same amount as it says on the packet though) and there was more than enough. I didn’t add any oil though like it said on the packet and the crumbs still stuck to the chicken. The only thing was it said to use the shaker bag, but there was no bag – I just did it in a bowl but obviously a shaker bag saves on washing up! Once cooked the chicken strips really were crispy, and they had a little spice but not overly so okay for younger ones or anyone who doesn’t like really spicy foods (though I do). We had these with the wholewheat tortilla wraps and they went together really well. The only negative I have about the wraps are they’re a little small to properly load & wrap, but still tasty! The soured cream was yummy, nicer & creamier than any other brand I’ve tasted. It went really well with the squeezy red jalapeno relish which wasn’t as spicy as I was expecting, but it had a lovely sweetness to it and would go well with a lot of dishes other than just fajitas.

Rather than using the chilli seasoning mix for a chilli, I decided to couple it with the corn tortillas and use it for burritos (I will write the recipe up in another post). I’ve never tried corn tortillas before so I was looking forward to seeing how different they were to wheat ones. They do taste different – they’re very soft and they have kind of a creamy-corn taste which is quite a delicate flavour. The chilli seasoning mix was just the right amount of spice (for us anyway), and that was with using the whole packet for half the amount of meat that it states on the packet, so it would probably be a little less spicy with the amount stated. The red jalapeno relish went well with these too.

Overall we loved everything we were sent and we will continue to use Old El Paso as they have such a wide variety of Mexican products.

Old El Paso can be purchased at most supermarkets with varying prices between products.

Our rating – 4.5/5

I was sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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