Little man J at 2 years 2 months old

J is becoming a proper little man now. He is quite tall for his age, so sometimes I often think he is beyond his years and forget that he’s not much over 2!

Since the last update, in the last month or so he has become so independent (if not stroppy when he can’t do the things he wants to do, so we have to reverse and let him do it himself!). He loves to take his own rubbish to the bin (for example when he has had a banana or box of raisins), but when the kitchen gate is closed and he can’t get in to do it he has an almighty tantrum. He also loves to get down from the table himself. Daddy recently took him out of his booster seat and got him down, but he screamed and screamed because he wanted to do it himself. I told him to put him back because of this, and he got down with a huge grin on his face!

I mentioned in the last post that he has a girlfriend – well now he has two! Our neighbour is the aforementioned girlfriend (who also goes to his nursery on the same day) but he has another one at nursery, F. F is new there and when she first came in they were immediately attracted to each other and he took her under his wing; they are inseparable and always playing together.

He is still learning lots of new words – sometimes he says words that I haven’t even been trying to teach him. He copies practically everything you say though so it doesn’t surprise me. He has also started learning his colours – his favourite one at the minute is green, to which he says greenhouse – I didn’t even know he knew that, or where he heard it! His favourite word at the minute is no, in a very stroppy tone…

He is obsessed with apples at the minute. Whenever we go in the kitchen he asks for one, but he takes around an hour to eat it! He also asks for chocolate & lollipops – he has a tub on the fridge which is full to the brim as practically every time family visit, they bring him some! It remains full though as it’s an occasional treat and I give him fruit instead – luckily he is a big fruit eater.

We are getting another step closer to potty training. He now regularly refuses to wear a nappy and screams blue murder when I try and put one on him, but when he gets on the potty he sits for a few seconds and then starts screaming and gets off! It’s progress though… Maybe we will have made more progress on the next update!

Definitely the correct choice of t shirt here…

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