Project 365 – Week 14 (days 89 – 95)

March 30th / Day 89
I was in a baking mood today and we had some bananas on the turn, so I made a banana, cinnamon & walnut loaf cake.

March 31st / Day 90
We went out for tea tonight to our local Fayre & Square pub – I just had to the Devil dog challenge – a foot long hot dog with ghost chilli sauce and jalapenos! Boy it was HOT, but I did it! Though getting towards the end I felt like Woman vs Food as I was so full, but I was determined as I wanted my certificate, ha!

April 1st / Day 91
Little man N is one month old today, already!

April 2nd  / Day 92
This is J’s new favourite way to watch television apparently…

April 3rd / Day 93
Not another milk drunk photo, instead this time he is fighting sleep with one eye open being nosy!

April 4th / Day 94
We have a problem with J that whenever he falls asleep in the car, or has any kind of nap for that matter, his bedtime goes out of the window. This is him finally giving in to sleep at 11.20 pm!

April 5th / Day 95
We read books in J’s bed this morning whilst N slept. He likes making all of the noises to the animals in this one.
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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 14 (days 89 – 95)

  1. Such a beautiful baby, I love those drunk looking moments, so gorgeous and that cake looks amazing

  2. The sleep photos are just adorable. Love those drunk moments, they always look like they're in a happy haze 🙂

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