Family time – Movie & duvet days

As with any family, ‘family time’ is really important to us as hubby works long hours, six days a week. Most days, by the time he gets home from work it’s just about tea time and then he only has an hour or so with the boys before bed. This means we only have one day a week where we have him to ourselves, and even then he may have other plans (for example, car repairs anyone?…). So the days we do actually get him all to ourselves we want to have fun!
As much as we love to go and enjoy ourselves in the great outdoors as a family, sometimes on those rainy days it’s great to just have indoor fun. This might involve crafts, messy play (of course us adults join in too!), or just simply playing with the boys’ (many) toys. J especially has such a short attention span that we have to find something to keep him occupied for more than five minutes.
One relaxing thing we love to do on a rainy day though is watch movies, pyjamas on, snuggled up under a blanket or duvet with popcorn, sweets, and each other of course. The only movie I have found that J will sit still through is Despicable Me so it’s often on repeat! 
We only have a small HDTV at the moment but hubby is always saying “Oh I wish we had a bigger telly”, usually when he’s playing on his Xbox (boys and their toys). I must admit, the movie viewing experience would be made better with a larger TV – this one I spotted from Panasonic would make it absolutely amazing – double the size of the picture to the one we watch it on now! 
We’d never have to go to the cinema again for a date night either – not that we go often anyway, I much prefer being sat in the comfort of my own home with no heckling only heckling from hubby (honestly, he never shuts up). It’s cheaper too, the cost of renting a movie or even buying a DVD is cheaper than visiting the cinema nowadays.
The best thing about having a family movie day at home? It’s free! Well, maybe you have to spend a few pounds, but at least you don’t have to get dressed…
Do you enjoy family movie days?

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