HSG experience

(TMI alert – don’t read on if you are easily offended!)

Well it’s over! 

I was so nervous, felt sick, and dreading it beforehand, but it really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, the strong painkillers I took an hour before my appointment probably helped! I arrived 5 minutes before my appointment, they called me pretty much on time. I was taken into a small ‘cupboard’ (OK, it was a room about as big as a cupboard) and given a bag for my belongings, and two gowns, one to put on my front and one for the back. I just used the front one as I had a long top on anyway and it covered me around the back. The nurse (1) went through my details, asked me relevant questions, and left me to get ‘changed’ while she helped set up in the x-ray room. 

When I was ready she led me into the room, the gynae doctor wasn’t there yet so I sat and waited another few minutes, the radiographer went through my details again, and her and the nurse set up some more. Another nurse (2) arrived around this time too. The gynae doctor finally arrived and went through my details yet again! 

Then I had to climb aboard the bed… ass at the end, legs wide open balanced on the edge! Not the most dignified really, but oh well, needs must! Everything was pretty much set up, the doctor got the speculum ‘up there’, I didn’t really feel it much to be honest. My right leg kept shaking and slipping off the edge, it’s really hard to keep your balance as your behind and legs are so close together right on the edge! The left one was fine though! Nurse 1 went around and held my leg in position in the end lol. Nurse 2 held my hand too, bless her, and they all kept asking if I was OK, so I felt pretty comfortable. The catheter was then put up, this was slightly uncomfortable and gave me cramps which I was expecting at some point. Then she *tried* inserting the clear liquid, it wasn’t having any of it though! So she had to change the catheter and try again. Second time lucky! This gave me slight cramps too. The radiographer then took images as the dye was going in and through my tubes, and it was over before I knew it. 

I was then able to move back and let my legs regain themselves lol! During which time they cleared up. I was given a big granny pad in case of leakage from the liquid and any spotting. I did take my own but just wanted to get home as I had period type pains. All of them said I was a really good patient which I was pleased about, cos I was expecting to be a nightmare!

They didn’t really say anything about whether my tubes were clear or not, looking back I wish I had asked, as I now have to wait until our next FC appt., but not much I can do in the meantime anyway.

Tips for anyone who has to undergo a HSG procedure:

  • Take a couple of strong painkillers about an hour before your appointment – I really think these helped with the pain, but it depends what your pain threshold is.
  • Just relax – I know it’s easier said than done with alsorts being shoved up there, but it will also help it to be less painful, and easier for the doctor so it will be over and done with quicker.
  • If they don’t tell you whether you are clear or not, ask, if it will help to put your mind at ease.
  • Take your own sanitary towel, as you will probably have some leaking and slight spotting, unless you want a big thick one to take away with you! 😉

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