#GiveAHug – World Prematurity Day 2013

What’s in a hug?

A hug is a precious, meaningful gift.

A hug shows you love someone.

A hug shows you care.

A hug to say sorry.

A hug to say thank you. 

A hug to start a life.

A hug to save a life.

A hug means so much. To everyone. 

When your baby is born, the very first thing you want to do is hug them. Hold them tight, never let them go. I remember those first hugs like it was yesterday.

Unfortunately many parents don’t get to hug they babies when they are born. Born too soon. 15 million a year. 60, 000 right here in the UK. 

Can you imagine not being able to do that? Not hug your baby for weeks? I can’t. 

Bliss are there to raise awareness. Of those babies born too soon. Too small. Too sick. 

So for all those babies, give a hug. To anyone. To someone who needs it. 

Those precious babies and their families.

To find out more about this years theme of Give A Hug, please visit this link.

World Prematurity Day

Every 30 seconds a premature baby dies, but 75% of fatalities are preventable. Awareness needs to be raised. Today is World Prematurity Day. 

I haven’t much to write as I haven’t personally been affected by prematurity, but I have a few friends that have, and it’s such an important issue that I wanted to write something.

Reading updates, seeing pictures, you feel like you go through the journey with them, but you aren’t actually there. I think if you haven’t personally experienced the trauma of having a premature baby, you can’t grasp how tough it is. I can’t; I can only imagine. Through a good friend Kylie at Not Even A Bag Of Sugar, I’ve come across a few other preemie blogs and stories, and each one just melts my heart, no two are the same, but nobody should have to go through it. 

If you want to get involved, there will be a Twitter party at 1pm, hosted by Bliss. #BlissWPD

World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day, and I am honoured to be taking part in the blogging event along with Bloggers Unite & March Of Dimes. Today I’m going to be writing about a close friend whom some of my readers will be aware of. If you don’t already read her blog, I highly recommend doing so. 

Before I started thinking about TTC, and started using the Conception & Fertility boards of the forum I was a member of at the time, although I was aware of prematurity, I didn’t really ‘know’ anybody who had been through it. That was, until I started following Kylie from Not Even A Bag Of Sugar‘s story. Her little boy Joseph was born in 2009 at just 27 weeks gestation, when she developed pre-eclampsia, which can be life-threatening for both mother & baby. I wasn’t really familiar with her as we were married at different times and she had been TTC before me, so I hadn’t really been on the boards she used at the same time. Until, I saw somewhere else, either on my Facebook or on the forum, about a comment that was made that was quite upsetting, and I decided to go and have a look. From here I came across a couple of videos which she has posted, of little Joseph. So very emotional, but I was immediately drawn in to this gorgeous little boy’s story, and Kylie’s story. I didn’t really know anything about the traumatic birth at the time, as like I say I hadn’t been aware, so can’t really write much about that, but have since read her birth story on her blog. Every time I read it I am in tears. From then I followed from ‘afar’ you could say, on the forum, until we became friends on Facebook, and followed her story and journey from then on. It has been amazing watching Joseph grow into the beautiful little boy he is today, he has come on in leaps and bounds and is a very strong, intelligent little man, and I love hearing all about him. 

Since then, Kylie & I have become very close friends, and no matter what she has been going through, she has been there for me all through my journey and battling infertility, and I am so very thankful to her. She is a complete inspiration to me, and many others, and I would say I hope I have the honour of meeting her in person one day, but that has already been accomplished, and again next week, which I am very excited about to see her and Joseph! Nowadays, she does a lot of campaigning for charities such as Bliss and Tommy’s, and is famous in her own right after appearing in newspapers, on the radio, and even on TV! She is a very strong, amazing woman, who I admire greatly for all she does for others.

I am so thankful to the little birdy that woke her up from her nap, as without birdy, she or Joseph may not be here today. 

World Prematurity Day – 17th November

So, I have only been blogging since the beginning of this year, but I have been a follower/reader of a very close friends blog since last year. This is where I came across a post about World Prematurity Day, which is on the 17th November this year.

There is going to be a blogging & Twitter event led by March of Dimes, and I feel proud to be a part of it. All this involves is blogging and tweeting about preemies on the day. It would be fabulous if any of my followers/tweeters/bloggers would join in, the more, the better, to raise awareness of such an important subject. 

You need not have had personal experience of having a premature baby, I haven’t. With 1 in 9 babies born premature each year in the UK, you are bound to know one; I do. You could post about someone you know who’s had a premature baby, someone you know who was a premature baby themselves, an article you’ve read, a programme you’ve seen on TV, you could even post a photo, a poem, get your children involved or even do a vlog. 

If you don’t blog but would like to get involved, I’d be happy to have guest posts on my blog; it could be a great opportunity to share your child’s story. It would be fabulous to get as many people involved as possible. 

So why not comment below and pledge to blog/tweet etc. about preemies on the 17th November!