The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 38

Wednesday 12th February – 38w
Two weeks to go!

Once I’d taken little man to nursery this morning, I came home and crawled back into bed – I woke up again 2.5 hours later so I must have needed the sleep! I was awoken by a yucky dream though – with ants crawling all over me! Previous to that one I’d had another one where I was discussing home births with a pregnant friend, and she asked if we needed to provide bed socks for the baby? Anyway…

Thursday 13th February – 38w 1d
I’ve been in so much pain today with this damn SPD, hardly been able to move. Please hurry up baby.

I’ve also come to the decision that we’re having a boy. I don’t know why, just finally have a ‘feeling’! 

Friday 14th February – 38w 2d
Eviction proceedings are now underway! Only spicy food and bouncing on the ball so far, but may have to resort to more drastic measures at some point… Maybe like what got us into this position in the first place! *Snigger*

Saturday 15th February – 38w 3d
I could have fallen asleep standing today. I’m feeling quite fed up now. Sigh. Though I have been getting no end of Braxton Hicks, probably just getting my hopes up…

Sunday 16th February – 38w 4d
Had another strange dream last night. I was just wandering about (somewhere) and I had a really bad urge to pee, so I knocked on somebody’s door to ask to use the toilet – it happened to be a dinosaur that answered…

I’ve also been in tears nearly all day because I’m so tired, little man keeps getting up earlier & earlier and I just can’t take it any more right now. 

Monday 17th February – 38w 5d
After the BH on Saturday, I’ve been getting cramps on & off for the last couple of days, though they don’t seem to be coming to anything. Grr…

Tuesday 18th February – 38w 6d
I had a home visit from the midwife today, as she needed to check my gases anyway (which are all still okay by the way) so there was no point in me going in. All is well with me – BP is fine, and for once my wee was clear of anything! Bump is still measuring 37 weeks but it’s nothing of concern at the minute as it’s only one week behind. Baby’s heartbeat was fine and they are still head down, but still only 1/5 engaged which deflated me a bit – was hoping it may have moved further down by now! Oh well, at least it’s not going back the other way! The BH have reappeared too, leaving me quite breathless…

At 38 weeks, berry is the size of a leek.
They may have taken their first bowel movement of meconium by now!
They are practicing breathing and urinating.
They can use their fingers to grasp very tightly.
The fat stores are still continuing to build.

Review – Spatone iron supplement

If you are a regular reader of my pregnancy diaries you will know that I suffer from low iron levels and have to take iron tablets for the remainder of my pregnancy (and most likely a while afterwards, if my experience after little man arrived is anything to go by). In turn this also makes me feel ill, with symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. Now like many people I hate taking tablets, but had been recommended to try a certain liquid iron supplement by a few friends. So when the lovely people at Nelsons invited me to try Spatone, I jumped at the chance. 

There are many reasons why Spatone is a great alternative to the usual iron tablets:
  • 100% natural
  • the iron in Spatone is highly absorbable 
  • gentle on the stomach
  • suitable during pregnancy
  • unique product format

Spatone comes in two flavours – the original, and an apple flavour. I chose to try the apple flavour.
Spatone is now also available in a delicious apple flavour with Vitamin C. These convenient, one-a-day sachets, packed with the taste of juicy, ripe apples make iron supplementation not only easy but tasty too! 
One sachet of Spatone Apple can provide you with your recommended daily amount (RDA) of iron and Vitamin C, well-known for its ability to increase the absorption of iron.
Vitamin C contributes to a healthy immune and nervous system whilst also supporting our energy metabolism thus reducing tiredness and fatigue.
Spatone Apple’s convenient, one-a-day sachets can be easily popped into your pocket or handbag making it the most convenient iron supplement available.
Ideal to use when you are on-the-go!

Each box comes with 28 sachets, so you get a month’s supply. A box of 28 is priced at around £10 depending where you buy it (this is for the apple flavour, the original is a little cheaper). I received two boxes as pregnant women should take two sachets a day.

As well as the sachets of Spatone, there is a handy little leaflet with all of the information that you should want to know before trying it. 

One of the main reasons I went for the apple flavour is that I admittedly don’t get as much vitamin C as I should do, so after reading the description I thought that it would kill two birds with one stone. 

The sachets are a good size to keep in your handbag if you are always busy and on the go.

I tend to take all my medication at night though so mine were just kept in the cupboard in the box, to take before bed along with my other medication. I have to say I found the sachets quite hard to open without scissors so I’m not sure how I would manage that on the go, but on the flip side this is also a good thing as it means no leakage all over your bag! I also found the sachets quite difficult to drink straight out of it unless you take it all in one go, though nearer the end of this course I found a knack to it! Most of the time though I just poured it straight into a glass. 

On first taste it was a little strange, but I think this is because of the packaging. After a couple of days though I never noticed it and all I could taste was apple – it was practically like drinking apple juice! Funnily enough, it also looks like apple juice! 

As with any medication or supplement it takes a few days to kick in and ‘work’, so I didn’t notice a difference in how I felt straight away. Coming up to the end of the first week I started to notice a slight difference in how I was feeling. Not half as many headaches before and the frequent dizzy spells were becoming less and less. It has also made my constant tiredness a lot better and I can now manage to muster up the energy to stand and cook a meal most days! I just feel a whole lot better in general than I do with taking pills. 

I will be continuing to buy Spatone as I think for the price it is worth it for your health and wellbeing. I would also recommend it to my readers who don’t like taking pills.

*Spatone and iron tablets should not be taken together.  

My rating – 4/5


I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own. 

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 18

Wednesday 25th September – 18w
Had such a rubbish emotional day today, being in tears on & off for most of it. I will explain more in my holiday diary but I’m so tired now and just can’t wait to go home tomorrow. I often think people should just remember not to mess with an emotional pregnant lady zilla! 

Thursday 26th September – 18w 1d
I’ve been in another one of ‘those’ moods today and really felt like letting off some steam, wish I had a punch bag! (Refer to pregzilla sentence above).

Saturday 28th September – 18w 3d
Feeling quite tired today as little man has been up numerous times the last couple of nights being sick, so he’s then been in our bed making me uncomfortable meaning I don’t sleep well. I love co-sleeping but zzzzzzzz! 

Sunday 29th September – 18w 4d
I have achy feet tonight as I’ve been on them most of the afternoon baking a cake for hubby’s birthday tomorrow! (Which didn’t turn out very well by the way). If I ache this much now, goodness knows what I’ll be like in another few weeks/months! I’ve also had cramps and bad tummy ache all day, and some of yesterday. I’ve been worrying but I think it’s probably just growing pains as berry is moving quite a bit. 

Monday 30th September – 18w 5d
I’ve had really awful back ache and kept seizing up today whenever I bend over/move suddenly etc. I had this with little man but not until much later, probably the 3rd trimester, and it was bad enough then let alone with an active toddler to look after. I’ll get through it though! Although I have felt like calling in sick, but to whom?!

Tuesday 1st October – 18w 6d
Today has been a day where I’m so glad I’m pregnant (well, obviously I’m glad every day, but you know what I mean…) as I took little man to baby clinic to get weighed and it was packed full of teeny newborn babies. My broody alarm was SO loud…

At 18 weeks berry is the size of a bell pepper.
Their ears are approaching their final position and and the eyes are beginning to face forward.
Meconium starts to collect in berry’s intestines.
The heart is starting to build up muscle and pumping 25-30 quarts of blood a day.
The blood vessels are still visible through the skin.
If berry is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place, and will have eggs in her ovaries.
If berry is a boy, his genitals are now noticeable but may be hiding on an ultrasound scan!

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 17

Wednesday 18th September – 17w
Even though little man wasn’t here this morning, I still woke before 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep! I was planning a relaxed morning but by 8.10am I’d managed to take the rubbish out, was the dishes, put a laundry load on, and hoover right through! I did sit down after that but I ended up doing blogging things. So I am still as tired as usual tonight even though I’ve only been looking after little man half the day. 

Thursday 19th September – 17w 1d
Have been busy packing for our holiday today – well, attempting to with little man running around! The first time I have gotten so stressed about packing, which in turn has tired me out something rotten. And given me an awful headache which nothing has shifted.

Friday 20th September – 17w 2d
Was up early this morning to do last minute bits ready to set off on the 4 hour journey to our holiday cottage. I fell asleep on the way there, still tired from yesterday obviously! I’ve still had a pounding headache all day too which again nothing has gotten rid of, so an early night for me. 

Saturday 21st September – 17w 3d
I’ve noticed more bump expansion today! I’m definitely bigger this time than I was with little man, but obviously everything is already spread out! 

Sunday 22nd September  17w 4d
Little man has been an absolute nightmare, behaviour wise, today. I’m turning into a very stressed pregnant lady – pregzilla on the loose…

Monday 23rd September – 17w 5d
I’ve had immense munchies today. Wanted to eat anything and everything in sight. But it’s started a lot later this time than with little man. Which hopefully means I haven’t gained as much weight – I will get weighed again at some point but I’m not obsessing about it this time, just being more careful. 

Tuesday 24th September – 17w 6d
What a day. 

At 17 weeks, berry is the size of an onion.
The placenta is growing to accommodate berry’s growth.
Berry also starts to form fat under their skin.
Movements are becoming stronger and more frequent, with loud noises outside the uterus possibly startling them.
They have mastered reflexes such as swallowing, sucking & blinking.
The skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone.
They can move their joints and sweat glands are starting to develop.
The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger every day.