Party time!

As I blogged about a couple of months ago, I had started to plan little man’s 1st birthday party. Well, yesterday was the day, and after all of the planning, I think it went very well! The theme was In The Night Garden.

I had decided to get crafty and made a few bits:


A name banner
The stickers for the party bags
Some colour in sheets for the party bags
A sign to go on the door 
I also went a bit mad with banners and balloons! Though I had to get him a large helium number balloon:
My Mum made his cake, which I absolutely loved! 
Iggle Piggle even showed up! 
He got lots of lovely presents:
We also had pass the parcel. And as usual for functions, I made way too much food so we were eating it last night, and today! 
It was a bit of a sombre end to the day, as unfortunately hubby’s Mum was in hospital so she couldn’t make the party, but we visited her in the evening with some food and some cake. Little man was so tired from being on the go since 8am, he fell asleep in the car on the way to the hospital, and stayed asleep when we got him out!
On the way to & from the ward she was on though, were signs for the delivery suite, which brought back good memories from little man’s arrival, but also upset me a little as it just brought it back to me that I should be there again in 3 months time. 
All in all though I think it was a successful day, and we’re just having a family day tomorrow, with more cake! 

Baby shower

Yesterday was my baby shower! I had been looking forward to it for ages, I love having something to plan and it definitely passed the time over the last couple of weeks while waiting for Baby G’s imminent arrival. Though, I thought I was organised but I wasn’t as much as I thought! Although this was partly due to me being achy (after falling last week – will talk about that in the next post) and tired, and not really wanting to do much as that in turn was making me tired too. Especially with the amount of cake I had to make, as I was holding the sale for Cake A Difference too! (Which by the way, I raised £28 for, which I was very happy with!) Not as many people attended as originally was planned, due to various reasons which couldn’t be helped, but I was grateful for them letting me know rather than just not turning up (as happened at our wedding!).

I had prizes for my games, but I didn’t even manage to get these wrapped; I was still preparing food when my guests arrived; and we never got around to playing all the games I had planned! This was partly due to me being forgetful (!), and partly due to people leaving early/having to arrive later. But, we still had a lovely evening and had a chat, had fun with the games we did have, and best of all ate cake and cheesecake! 

Little man was spoiled, and I had a nice surprise in the morning with a delivery of flowers and a balloon from one of my lovely on-line friends! 

I’m also very grateful and overwhelmed by people who have asked for my address to send him a little something!