Review | Hotel Chocolat Easter Collection

Hotel Chocolat Easter

After finally trying Hotel Chocolat for the very first time last year, falling in love with it, and the chocolate becoming my new favourite, I haven’t been able to get enough of it. My husband took my hint from my blog post and bought me some for Christmas (!), and recently I actually managed to go into a shop and I could have stayed in there all day just looking at all of the pretty looking chocolate, but obviously that might have just been a bit…weird. Anyway, when I was asked if I would like to review something from their Hotel Chocolat Easter collection, I jumped at the chance (literally!).

As usual, it was such a difficult choice (I know, it’s a hard life, choosing chocolate), but in the end I decided to go for the Hotel Chocolat Easter Big City Easter Bunny and the Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs on Parade. Read more

Review & Recipe – Mega Marshmallows & S’mores

In this house we love marshmallows and usually have them with a hot chocolate, cream & sprinkles but I have never cooked with them, or played with them either for that matter. We were recently sent some Mega Marshmallows from Innovative Bites and we did both!

Mega Marshmallows review - NSIWE (2)

Now from the description I knew they were going to be big, but I didn’t think they would be this big:

Mega Marshmallows review - NSIWE (5)

With marshmallows this size, you can get really creative! I had two things in mind to begin with – tower building and making s’mores! Read more

Review – Betty Crocker cake and brownie mixes

Betty Crocker

If you took part in any of my blogaversary giveaways then you may have entered the Betty Crocker one. I have recently been lucky enough to receive some yummy mixes from Betty Crocker to review myself. I love baking and creating recipes, but sometimes when I am baking just for family visiting or something, then I might not have time so a bought mix is just as good – I still have to bake it so I’ve kind of made it! I had never tried the mixes I received but even when the package arrived I was already drooling and wanted to bake them all at once! On a Sunday we alternate with my brother/father-in-law to host tea, and with my love of baking I always provide a dessert so I took the opportunity to test these on everyone. Read more

Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars | Review

My boys definitely take after their Mummy & Daddy – they love food and barely ever stop eating. Despite them snacking through the day – usually on fruit – we have a set snack time falling between 10am & 10.30am where they will sit down together and share a small plate of various snacks; it also gives me a chance to get a few jobs done as they rarely fight when they are eating!

J often asks for treats (sweets or chocolate!) but I prefer to give them something such as fruit, rice cakes, crackers, bread sticks or small cubes of cheese. The Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars they were recently sent to review are perfect for J thinking that he is getting a treat when in actual fact it is just 100% fruity goodness (N doesn’t mind as long as it’s food!).

Read more