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Looking after your home requires time and patience, but it doesn’t need to feel like a chore if you want to keep it looking its best. Here are some helpful solutions to help you keep yours in tip-top condition for the upcoming Spring. 

Have a Spring Clean

It’s quite easy for dust to accumulate over a short period of time so it’s best to try and clean regularly so that you can keep your home free of dust and keep any allergies at bay. Cleaning often, in small segments is also a lot easier to do than one long intense session. So if you prefer to clean in short sessions, then getting into the habit of doing this regularly will be ideal and will enable you to keep your home looking good. 

Freshen Up The Walls

Over time the colour on your walls can start to fade especially when they are exposed to constant sunlight. A good way to freshen up your living room or bedroom is to apply a new coat of paint. This will brighten up the decor in your home and make it seem like new. 

Have A Good Sort Out

At the start of each season, it can be useful to have a good tidy and organise your possessions. This enables you to decide what is worth keeping and which items can be given to charity or sold. It will help keep your home tidy and save space for possessions you actually need. 

Move The Furniture Around

Sometimes you can create a brand new look simply by rearranging your furniture around. You can then come up with a different design layout without even having to lift up a paint brush. So it’s worth giving this a go to keep your decor feeling fresh and new. 

Roof Maintenance

It might not be the most enjoyable job in the world but keeping your roof in good condition will keep it lasting longer and will blend in with the rest of your home. You don’t want to have a lovely exterior only for it to be let down by a dilapidated looking roof. 

Getting on a ladder and removing the leaves yourself is a good way to prevent any blockages in your drainpipe. The other option is to use a professional gutter cleaning and roof restoration company such as portervac, if you are not confident enough to do this yourself. 

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Mow The Lawn

With Spring/Summer fast approaching it will be a good idea to mow your lawn so that you can enjoy lovely summer evenings in your garden. This will keep your garden looking nice and neat and will enable you to enjoy your surroundings. 

Plant Some Flowers

Planting some lovely new fresh flowers in your garden, whether it is in the form of a flower bed, some hanging baskets or pots of flowers, will instantly brighten up your garden and is an easy way to keep it looking good.

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