How Not To Blow The Budget On Your House Building Project

Do you want to build your own home from the ground up but have a limited budget? If you follow these golden principles, your self-build project will be a success.

Building your own home to your own specifications is likely to be the most expensive investment you will ever make, but it does not have to be. Many self-builders have succeeded in creating a home that suits their particular requirements.

To construct on a small budget, however, you must make wise decisions throughout the process, from design to final touches. Here, we will look at how to keep expenditures under control while still allowing you to build the home of your dreams.

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Simplicity is key

Building a simple house is obviously less expensive than building a complex one; all this will do is increase your labour and material costs, as well as perhaps lengthen the process. Houses in the Georgian style are excellent examples of elegant yet simple designs, which are typically based on a box shape. You could also look at modular housing as a simple alternative to traditional building.

Consider your requirements as well. Starting with the basics does not mean you have to say goodbye to all of your ‘would like’s,’ but before you commit to spending your limited budget on items that are not required, be sure you have covered all of the essentials first. There is no point in thinking about what tiles you want in your kitchen when you do not have windows in place!

Look at how you can minimise the groundworks

The more work that needs to be done to the earth to prepare it for construction, the greater your construction prices will be. Try to choose a plot of land that is flat, irrigated, and ready to build on while looking for one. If you already have planning permission in place, you will save money in the long run. Consider access to the land as well – can diggers and heavy lorries with materials access it easily and safely?

How much can you do yourself?

Some jobs should always be left to the specialists; for example, anything involving plumbing, gas work, or electrical should never be tried by a novice as they can be dangerous. They also generally need to be signed off by a professional to pass building regulations, which can be quite strict in the UK.  However, you may discover that there are a number of minor, less significant tasks that you can complete yourself to save money on labourers and tradesmen.

You might want to take on the roles of project manager, chief gardener, landscaper, and decorator, for example. You could even procure all of the supplies yourself, though keep in mind that certain tradespeople have access to lower-cost materials.

It does not have to be excessively expensive to construct a home from the ground up. In fact, if done well and creatively, it may be a lot less expensive than buying a pre-built home and has the added benefit of being exactly what you desire.

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