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Whether you just want to arrive home to a beautiful sight, or you’re looking to sell your country home, making sure your curb appeal is on point is important. Not only will your curb appeal play a big part in what your home is valued at and whether it has the potential to sell, you don’t want to get home to a run down place each day. The outside of your home tends to set the tone before you even set inside, for both the homeowner and guests. 

If you want to make sure your home is living up to its potential, read on for some ideas. 

Focus On Flowers and Plants

The great thing about country homes is that they already tend to have a lot of natural elements to them. This is why you should put an even bigger focus on flowers and plants. Make sure you have a beautiful garden, and use flower boxes on your window sills and around your entryway to make it look even greener. Planters and window boxes are very easy to add on and will look amazing. 

Look After Your Lawn

A lush, green lawn should never be undervalued in the country. Taking care of your lawn is a must for the best country home look. Make sure you never cut it too short, as this can kill off the grass and won’t make it look very healthy. Rake leaves, pull up weeds, and feed the grass if you can. 

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Make Your Door Stand Out

A beautiful, colour pop door can make a huge difference on a country home. You could paint it bright red, yellow, or even pink – whatever you want the personality if your home to be! It’s quite cheap to do provided you have the right kind of door, too. 

Light Up Your Entryway And Walkway

Country homes don’t tend to have as much lighting as other homes – there aren’t usually any streetlamps, and sometimes there aren’t any other homes in the vicinity to provide slithers of light. This makes lighting even more important, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for functional and safety reasons. Nobody wants to arrive home in the pitch black darkness, so find a way to light up your walkway and entryway. 

Make Any Repairs

Don’t put repairs off! Your country home might look vintage, cute, and quaint, but that doesn’t mean it should have bits falling it off it. You may need to look into thatching services if you have a thatched roof, for instance. Make these repairs ASAP before they become an even bigger problem. 

Makeover Your Mailbox

You can use your mailbox to add a bit of personality to your home, too. Paint it to match your door, or invest in something a little more stylish.

Design a Clear Path

If you don’t have a clear path to your door, it could be time to design one. It doesn’t need to look too neat and tidy – a winding, rustic looking path can work well, too!

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