Three reasons to visit a Christmas market

Christmas market

Can you believe that I’ve never been to a Christmas market? Well not properly, anyway. I’ve walked through one but it was a fleeting visit so I didn’t get a chance to have a good look around. It’s one thing I’d like to tick off my bucket list though, so maybe next year! There are so many to choose from in the UK; Lincoln, York, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester are just a few of the ones I’m aware of.

The ultimate bucket list though would be to take a trip to a European Christmas market. I imagine visiting a UK one would be a great day out, but I think it would feel much more authentic to be in a completely different country where they are more traditional. Jet2 seems like a great place to start for researching and booking a European Christmas market city break.

Three reasons to visit a Christmas market

With some inspiration from Jet2 and a wonderful Christmas hamper I was kindly gifted, I’ve come up with my top 3 reasons for visiting a Christmas market.

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Food & drink

At the top of my list of course has to be the food. All and any types of Christmas (market) food. Mince pies, lebkuchen, roasted chestnuts, bratwurst, and not forgetting a mug of Gluhwein! Plus much, much more. I’d probably gain 10 pounds in weight in just the one day!


The smells

Of course, along with copious amounts of delicious food come the delicious smells. The scents of cinnamon and nutmeg just shout Christmas sweetness to me. Roasting chestnuts. One of those that is the actual epitome of Christmas smells. The scent of German sausages sizzling away. Vats of mulled wine waiting to be consumed. Scented candles waiting to be bought to bring that smell home.


The decoration

I’m one of those people that goes a bit mad with the decorations at Christmas and makes my house resemble Santa’s grotto. Fairy lights, paper chains, fake snow, Christmas trees, mantle ornaments, window stickers, decorative plaques. You name it, I probably have it.  Because Santa and Christmas is the best, right?! So a Christmas market with no end of Christmas decor is my idea of heaven.


In addition to the above – with the Christmas music playing, people dressed for winter, and everybody enjoying the atmosphere, a Christmas market is the perfect place to get in the mood for the festive season!

Which Christmas markets have you visited?

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