Choosing a rug to match your floor type

As a 31 year old married homeowner, I don’t feel like I have reached my full adult initiation yet, as I’ve never bought a rug… I know. I’d never felt inclined to purchase one in our old homes as we never fully decorated, because we didn’t live there for an awfully long time. I’ve been thinking about changing the decor in our lounge recently though, and instead of replacing the carpet I was thinking of buying a large rug instead. Although that won’t be happening until the dog stops chewing everything!

If you’ve recently redecorated or are about to, you may want to buy a new rug to compliment your new decor. I didn’t realise there was so much to think about when choosing a new rug to match your flooring, but this infographic from Land of Rugs could be a great help to find the perfect rug for your floor type!

Choosing a rug to match your floor type

Choosing a rug to match your floor type

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