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Now we finally have our beautiful baby boy, I wouldn’t change him for the world, and he amazes me every day. But, there are of course things I miss about pregnant!

  • Watching him when I was in the bath. I used to lie there for ages just watching him squirm and move.
  • Hubby talking to my bump. He just used to ramble on to him about random stuff, but it was lovely to watch & listen to!
  • My socks and shoes being put on for me! It’s one thing I actually could not do towards the end, it was nice having hubby do it for me…
  • Not having to do the washing up… I couldn’t get to the sink because my bump was in the way!
  • Hearing my baby’s heartbeat. Though I get to see the real thing now, it was amazing every time I heard it!
  • Hubby rubbing my bump. He used to rub moisturiser and stretch mark cream onto my bump every night which was lovely. (Not that the stretch mark cream will do much good as I had them before from gaining/losing weight anyway!)
  • Watching my bump grow by taking photos regularly. Really amazing to see how it gets bigger every week.

I’m sure there are more things which I miss, but my brain doesn’t function properly at the minute and I have to think harder, my memory isn’t what it used to be! Of course I have to blame the little man…

Maybe one day, I will want to experience these things all over again… Not for a long while though!

What do you miss about pregnancy?

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  1. It all sounds so romantic… true love!!!!!

    Well, since you miss all these wonderful moments, I sense that the next one will come rather soon 🙂

  2. The birth has kind of put me off for a while, but I'm sure once J has started growing and is no longer a teeny baby, and I see other babies, I'll get broody again! Oh dear! 

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