Little man – My first week & a half

I’m sorry my Mummy hasn’t posted anything for a while but I’ve been taking up all of her time and she’s been really tired, so I thought I’d write something instead so you all know she’s still here. 

Well, here I am. I’ve been in this world for a week & a half now. My Mummy & Daddy still can’t believe it and just keep staring at me; I stare back, I think they like it though as they keep saying I have beautiful eyes.

I suppose I better start from when I was born. I have to admit, I didn’t really want to come out. It was nice & warm in my Mummy’s tummy, why would I?! I heard them talking though and Daddy just wanted me here, Mummy did too because she was fed up and in pain. Well I thought I better make an appearance then. I decided to make my Mummy suffer with really bad backache for a day before she went into proper full on labour. Also she was eating spicy food all the time and I was getting a bit annoyed with it! 

I took a while to come out. Mummy kept getting really bad pains and that was when I kept moving further down. Near the end she nearly gave up as I was hurting her so much and she was tired, but I was tired too and my heart rate was going down, so this made Mummy push harder in the end. It was early in the morning when I finally came out, and I definitely made my presence known! I still do now, and Mummy & Daddy keep saying I have a good pair of lungs. Daddy says I take after my Mummy in that respect. Well I have to take after Mummy in some way, as I look more like my Daddy! I even have his hairline! I have Mummy’s nose though.

Me & Mummy had to stay in hospital for 3 days after I was born because Mummy wasn’t very well. I really missed my Daddy when he had to leave at night, and Mummy did too as she cried a bit. But he spent all day with us when he was allowed to visit. When we were finally allowed home Mummy & Daddy were so happy & relieved as they just wanted us all to go home together as a family. We have been home a week now and I’ve settled myself in nicely. 

Daddy has been nice & looking after Mummy while she has been recovering and she is slowly getting there. But Daddy goes back to work next week and Mummy doesn’t want him to as she’s worried how she’ll cope on her own, though I think she’ll be OK as she managed overnight in hospital when Daddy was at home. And my Nanna has 1.5 weeks off work and has offered to help if Mummy needs it. So has Grandma, but she’s at home all the time anyway so will be there for Mummy even when Nanna goes back to work. 

I went to the midwife today to get weighed again as on Saturday I had lost 7.5oz from my birth weight. Today I weighed 7lb 11.5oz, which means I’ve gained 10.5oz since Saturday and I’m now over my birth weight! Mummy called me a little chunk! Though she wasn’t really surprised as I’m always drinking. When I’m not doing that I’m sleeping, and I really like that.

I will update you again soon, but I will make sure my Mummy writes something of her own before that.

Lots of love from little man x

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