101 reasons not to go on a boating holiday

I recently posted about our annual holiday, this year to The Norfolk Broads. I mentioned that I would be writing a post about why a boating holiday is not for me. I don’t think I really need to give much introduction, so here goes (in no particular order):

  1. not having a proper shower (a trickily little thing, with not enough room to swing a mouse, let alone a cat)
  2. the toilet literally being in the shower – if you want a pee, you have to get wet feet if you also want to stay clean
  3. needing a step ladder to climb onto the bed, if you’re a short arse like me
  4. having to move out of the way to pass each other in the galley
  5. having a heart attack every time your toddler goes near the edge, even with a life jacket on
  6. being in a confined space
  7. not being able to just get up & go when you want
  8. no phone service in the middle of nowhere (not that it would usually matter, but I was expecting important emails)
  9. having to wait half an hour for the kettle to boil on the gas hob
  10. taking half an hour to dry my hair because the hairdryer is soooooo slow
  11. not being able to use hair straighteners because they’re too powerful (not good with a frizzy mop like mine!)
  12. having the smallest fridge ever
  13. the hot water is literally boiling hot straight away and you may come away with second degree burns
  14. if you bagsy the bed next to the window you may get really cold
  15. having a stinking toilet as it all stays in the tank
  16. having a rubbish TV signal (when you don’t have a lot else to do)
  17. having to pull the table out every time you want to eat a meal
  18. having a wardrobe the size of a broom closet
  19. not being able to swim! You know, it could happen…
  20. cups the size of a shot glass
  21. having to duck every time you go through the bedroom door as the step is too high.
Okay, so not really 101 reasons, but I think my reasons are plenty enough for me not to want to do it again! Give me a cottage home-from-home any day…

Family Friday

Our family holiday to Norfolk

You may or may not have noticed that we recently went on our annual holiday. May not have noticed because I had a post scheduled for every day that week so it was business as usual; or may have noticed when I posted my Project 365 and mentioned that we had been on holiday.

Our usual breaks tend to consist of a cottage, usually in Scotland (and then usually the Highlands) but last year we went to Wales. This year though, it was a completely different type of break for me and something that I just knew wasn’t up my street (or boat…). We went on a weeks boating holiday on The Norfolk Broads. Now don’t get me wrong, The Broads are beautiful, but just living on a boat for a week… not for me (that’s a whole other post!). We were also holidaying with my in-laws…

We stopped off at a few places but as we were travelling across the expansive Broads, we didn’t make a full day of anywhere. It was nice to relax though, and J did manage to stretch his legs and have a run around when we did stop – getting him back on board the boat was a whole other story though! We started at Wroxham and travelled most places from Beccles to Stalham before heading back.

We travelled The Broads, we waved at other holidaymakers, we ate out, we got food in, we visited a windmill, met donkeys, played at the park, went swimming, and J got flapped in the face by a fish…

Here are the highlights of our holiday in photos!

Glow on the river on our first night
Waking up to a rainbow
Captain J

Selfie time

The Wherry
‘Southern Comfort’ paddle boat
House windmill
A walk through the woods


Fun in the parks
Fun on the bouncy castle
Fun in the soft play bus
A walk with Daddy
Ice cream

Posing with Grandad and a fish
(Before and after – the fish flapped to get away and got J in the face – he was fine, he was laughing after this – maybe because we were all laughing at what had just happened! One of the highlights! (Mean Mummy)

Family portrait

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall