Reusable Sanitary Pads from Trade To Aid | Review

A colourful patterned rectangle box on a white wood effect background. On the box it says "Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads"

Let’s talk about periods. If you’d asked me years ago if I would ever consider using reusable sanitary pads, my answer would have been no.

I remember having a conversation on Twitter where somebody was raving about them and I was quite definitely against it. The slightly less mature me probably didn’t even give a justifiable reason. Just no.

Nowadays however, I am more aware of the issues surrounding sustainability and being eco-friendly. And as my body has changed, so have my preferences about what kind of personal, hygiene, and beauty products I use.

Trade To Aid reusable sanitary pads have changed how I feel about my periods for the better.

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